Trojan Battery Co., the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, recently launched two HydroLink™ Trojan Tips video tutorials which provide important information on installing and using HydroLink to water flooded batteries, an important maintenance practice to maintain battery performance and longevity.
One video focuses on general installation of HydroLink on any type of equipment using the single-point watering system to simplify maintenance, and the second video focuses on installing and using HydroLink in a golf car. Both illustrate how to use either a hand pump or a regulated hose supply to water Trojan batteries.
These are the latest additions to the company’s “Trojan Tips” video series developed to provide in-depth information as well as expand awareness and understanding of deep-cycle battery technology. The public, as well as Trojan distributors, dealers and customers can visit Trojan’s website to view a wide range of video tutorials and learn more about a variety of deep-cycle battery topics.
“Since a deep-cycle flooded battery loses water during charging, water must be added on a regular basis to maintain life and performance,” said Vicki Hall, Trojan’s director of global technical support, and host of the “Trojan Tips” educational series. “Watering batteries can sometimes be messy and difficult, so single-point watering systems, such as Trojan’s HydroLink, have been designed to make the job easier. HydroLink delivers the proper amount of water needed, and fills a set of batteries in less than 30 seconds.” Trojan Introduces “HydroLink Trojan Tips” Video Page 2 of 2
Trojan developed the “Trojan Tips” series to educate the public on a variety of important battery-related subjects that can positively impact the performance and longevity of deep-cycle batteries used to power electrical equipment. Topics such as selecting the right battery, maintenance techniques and appropriate charging and equalization guidelines are just some of the subjects addressed in the video tutorials. For more information on Trojan Battery Company, visit