Wheel Mate Products (WMP) is proud to announce the recent arrival of their NEW C-SERIES(CASINO) Rim. Available in either a 10 or 13 inch diameter, this rim incorporates similar intrinsic characteristics from the widely familiar Casino Roulette wheel hence its name was derived. The Casino follows as the next generation design following the P12 Series, H-Series, G-Series and F-Series. Available rim finishes include Black Machine, Silver Machine and high luster Chrome scheduled for a late Fall release. Other notable features of the Casino include Japanese Spec JWL/VIA rim certification which qualify this wheel for highway service. Either size is highly recommended for Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) and golf cart vehicle applications. Other proprietary specs allow both the 10 inch & 13 inch to tuck and fit ALL golf car vehicle platforms when paired with bias ply low profile 205/50-10 or 205/65-10 tire fitments. For the ultimate ride and performance characteristics our 175/50R-13 Steel Belted Radial (SBR) may offer the most dynamic ride yet. In conjunction with the LSV & Golf Car vehicle applications, the 13 inch CASINO also fits the vintage MINI Cooper vehicle platform and will meet all of the high speed vehicle performance requirements of the tuner enthusiast.
As the growing trend for larger plus size rim and tire packages continues to advance upward there comes a critical place when exceeding the threshold compromises  both the overall performance and safety characteristics of the vehicle. Not only do golf cars begin to look a little strange when mounted on larger rim sizes but these larger sizes due to excessive weight play a negative impact on the overall brake and suspension components causing them to wear prematurely. Overall, this additional weight will contribute to increased braking distance (I.E. longer stop distance) to include potential over steer behind the steering wheel. For these reasons with safety in mind, WMP believes that the maximum plus size rim for golf cars should not exceed 13 inches.
For readers not already familiar with WMP, their rim line-up includes the 10 inch… T-Series 4-spoke design, E-Series 12-spoke and P-Series 14-spoke. The 12 inch line-up includes… extreme sweep 5-spoke, G-Series progressive split spoke design, the distinctive Full-Face H-Series with integrated center cap and P12-Series. Dealers looking to purchase the Program may contact WMP directly for further sales assistance. All WMP products come with a one-year warranty against product defects to include product liability coverage for all Authorized Wholesale Distributors. With a reputation for Quality, Service and Product Innovation, WMP is looking to expand their Distribution base in all regions nationwide. For more information contact Rick Bailey, Sales Manager at 800-821-6025 ext. 106 or visit www.mackinindustries.com/wm.