How will you change your game in 2014? The economy seems to be coming back for us. However, we all want to grow the business as much as we can and certainly more than our competitors.

Here are two big areas to focus on that could be big game changers for your business in 2014:

• Differentiating your products and/or services

from your competition

• Commercial selling focus

Product or Service Differentiation

Another great way to grow your business is to augment your go-to-market offering with additional products and/or services. Here are just a few ideas to ponder as you finalize your key plans for the remainder of 2014:

• Customization – Another way to differentiate is to offer personalized colors and accessories for your vehicles. Many people want to have that special college color car, or something that matches their favorite car. Find a local solution for customized colors or a supplier who can offer this service. An example is STAR EV select which offers any car, any color starting from only $350 for a 2 passenger car.

• Offer Solar – Solar panels have come a long way in the last couple of year. Panels are now available in high watt versions from 200 to 400++ watts. In sunny areas, these panels can make a very substantial contribution to run time and range. Individuals and businesses are going green…make sure you learn more about solar panels and consider adding them to your line up

Commercial Business

Wherever you are located, commercial business opportunities exist in many, many places. However, this business does not walk in the door to buy…you have to go after it. To successfully compete in the commercial vehicle arena, you need to have a dedicated person who knows how to “solution sell” commercial applications. This should be a person who is confident, friendly and comfortable in their own skin. They cannot be afraid of cold calls and they must be able to “solution sell”. Solution selling is the basic ability to understand a customer’s people moving and/or material handling needs and successfully sell the right vehicle application for that need.

When you have your outside commercial person in place, it is time to pick the key commercial customer types and their particular application needs. Some commercial prospects and applications like:

• Universities – Universities are a great place to focus your efforts. Applications from people moving (6 passenger Golf Cars and/or mini buses), utility vehicles for maintenance, security vehicles and more.

• New Neighborhood Developments – Large neighborhood communities often permit the use of Golf Carts and/or LSV/NEV’s. Your commercial sales person should visit these communities to sell the idea of offering a new Golf Cart with each new home purchase. The housing market is still very difficult…what a great way to help close the deal on a house.

• Large Churches – We have many dealers who have sold STAR EV buses to churches. The single biggest issue on our bus line is lack of awareness…people don’t know electric mini buses exist. Get out there and go after the mega church business. This is exactly what they need to move people from the parking lot to the church.

• Hotels & Resorts – Most larger hotels and resorts will need a wide range of vehicles from various people movers to insulated catering vehicles, maintenance equipment and more.

• Plants/Factories/Warehouses – People moving and material/ burden carriers are needed in almost every one of these types of businesses. Meet with the procurement managers of these facilities and ask the right questions about applications, budget and needs to formulate you sales plan.

Other great sources of commercial business include apartment & condominium complexes, large car dealerships, amusement parks, race tracks, trailer parks, camping grounds and more.

Having the right product variety is a must if you decide to focus on the commercial channel. If you don’t have utility cars, buses and other vehicles made for commercial purposes, it may be time to re-think your product offering. Star EV offers more than 40+ models including buses, utility vehicles, heavy duty burden carriers and more to meet these types of applications. We are also on the U.S. Government GSA contract with 18 models and have vehicles operating in over 40 government agency locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

It is time for you to try some new strategies this year. Think outside the box. Figure out how to drive your business to the next level while beating your competition in the marketplace!

Let’s sell some EV’s!