STAR EV (brand of JH Global Services, Inc.) is pleased to announce the introduction of our new bus line. STAR EV buses have a modern and unique look that no one else can offer with seating from 8–23 passengers. Standard features include seat belts, side LED marker lights, power assisted steering, dome roof lighting, aluminum wheels, powerful 10 HP continuous rated AC motor, 550 AMP Curtis programmable controller, speedometer, and more. Solar panels, sunbrella enclosures, heaters, defrosters and more can be added to meet the needs of any application. STAR EV also has a line of fully enclosed buses from 8 to 14 passengers with heating and/or air conditioning options available where needed. All-aluminum and glass doors make give our buses a long and rust free service life, ready to move people anywhere you need to!

The STAR EV Bus line can be purchased from any of STAR EV’s 200+ dealers. You can use the dealer locator and check out our bus brochures at