A family-owned and operated company, Stens began in 1969 as a one room parts distribution company. Bearing a name inspired by its founding family, the Stenftenagels, Stens was purchased in October of 1995 by the Ariens Company, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of consumer and commercial power equipment.

Since that milestone, a close working alliance has been forged between Stens and the Ariens familyof companies. The Ariens family has strived to keep the same familycentric feeling that started the company, and today Stens is thrivingunder fourth generation family leadership.

Through this leadership, Stens introduced lean principles for continuous efficiency improvement in operations. The Ariens family directly attributes its ability to remainsolvent in the increasingly competitive global marketplace to the contributions of employees using lean practices. The same competitive drive led the companyto enter the industrial and golf markets.

Stens joined the golf industry in January 2001, beginning with golfcourses, and gearing our productoffering toward repairing and performing routine maintenance on specialized golf course equipment. In 2011, Stens ventured further into the golf segment andexpanded the product offering to include parts and accessories for the golf car industry. This move has proven to be a valuable additionto our product line.

Currently offering parts and accessories for Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha, Stens continues to add product on a regular basis. It was only natural then for us to introduce our own line of golf car parts and accessories under the brand Stens Cart & Course™.

“The Stens brand has stood for quality, innovation and support. We have built the Stens brand over a 45-year historyand continue to invest in our own brand to help our customers profit. By navigating the world for thebest suppliers–supplierswho share our values–we continueto move our brand forward,” states Peter Ariens, President of Stens Corporation.

This is where Stens came from, but to truly understand the company,one needs to understand our foundation: What do we stand for? How are we different? And why does it matter?

The golf car parts and accessoriesindustry is complex. Businesses that depend on these parts are often left to navigate the parts world on their own. Too often the option is either poor service and/or margins from the OEM, or cumbersome cross-referencing to an aftermarket brand. Additionally,most suppliers have minimum order requirements or dated systemsand processes that don’t allow easy access to information that could help customers run their businesses more efficiently.

Businesses that carry and care for equipment need partners that are ‘parts experts,’ and understand how these parts can positively impact their bottom line. Stens is that partner.

But Stens is not just about the golf car parts we provide. We care about your whole business. Businesses like to build partnerships. These partnerships are expected to yield benefits like fair prices, efficienciesand an understanding of what defines value to your business. It’s not supplying one or two brands, but carrying any brand that can help your business. It’s not just about the product either; it’s about the ease of purchasing those parts and what those parts can do for your overall business.

Caring about your whole business also includes marketing and advertising options. Stens offers marketing solutions to promote your business. Packaging is a great way to distinguish your parts line, and Stens packaging is designed to be durable, with many of the new items in our Stens Cart & Course™ line availablein retail-friendly packaging.

We understand the importanceof building brand awareness and establishing a top-of-mind position to your customers. With Stens’ free advertisements you’ll be able to set your dealershipapart from its competitors and encourage your customers to continue doing business with you. To round out our marketingsolutions, a complete range of promotional items are available to endorse your dealership’s value to customers. Showroom items such as counter stools, customizable floor mats and signage are availableto signify your relationship with Stens.

Every business wants to maximizeprofits. And Stens can help yours do just that. We boast seven distribution centers located across the U.S. and are able to offer same day service for most orders.

Promotional materials picture product images and information in a clear, easily understandable manner. Parts look-up is offered by part number, keyword, or equipment model number.

Account information and services are accessible 24/7. In addition to flat rate shipping on most orders, Stens also drop ships direct to your customer and will ship from alternate locations to fulfill your order in the time frame specified by you, our customer.

If you are looking for a partnerin parts, and not just a supplier, you should be doing business with Stens.

What originally began as a lawn mower sales and service dealershiphas grown into a global company supplying quality replacement and original parts to more than 50,000 customers worldwide and throughout the U.S. Considered a leader in its industry, Stens proudlyexemplifies innovative products, fast service and great customer care and support. Even in the beginning Stens believed that if you satisfy the customer with excellent service, a quality productand a fair price, you could build a bigger and better offering for tomorrow. Our continued success is proof that this belief is correct.

In 2015, Stens will celebrate its 45th anniversary and we plan to honor our customers throughout the year in varied and numerous ways.

“As we achieve such a wonderful milestone, I think of all the staff at Stens who work tirelessly to make your experience with us so special. As we embark on the next 45 years, our values and reasons for being in business do not change. Because the markets change around us, we must constantly adapt. But taking care of you, your business and our relationshipremains our number one priority,” states Ariens.