Since 2001 Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems, Inc. has been and remains to be a proud American small business which aims to further the global initiative to “Go Green”. Started by brothers Darren and Brian Seymour in Ontario, California, the company was initially named Hi Performance Golf Cars, Inc. and provided an answer to the DC (Direct Current) motor dominated golf car market with the introduction of the world’s first AC (Alternating Current) drive system for golf cars. As Hi Performance Golf Cars Inc. evolved, Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems Inc. (HPEVS) emerged and flourished as a company no longer limited to golf car applications.
With over 18,000 units produced over the last 13 years, HPEVS has grown to become a powerhouse in the realm of quality production by garnering the attention of golf car dealers across the US and Canada. The company owes their growth to the loyalty of repeat customers who find the quality and price of the product second-to-none. Now, the company goal of implementing AC drive systems in international small electric vehicles has come to fruition. HPEVS has dealers in Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, and Taiwan, with more worldwide companies expressing interest in HPEVS AC drive systems.
The 48 volt, AC-9 drive system specifications are as follows: a 650 amp controller can reach 28 horsepower with 70 foot-pounds of torque; a 450 amp controller can reach 23 horsepower with 45 foot-pounds of torque and; a 350 amp controller can reach 20 horsepower with 33 foot-pounds of torque. Each system can be personalized to the customer’s requirements through software. The system does not end with a motor and controller, as it includes the following components needed to install our AC drive system into a golf car. Those components include a controller mounting plate, wiring harness, dash display, and golf/street switch. Kits for Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star Car as well as Tomberlin are available; 36 volt golf cars need to be upgraded to 48 volts. Custom battery cables are available. Schematics and installation instructions are available on the company website,
The drive system has two drive modes: Street and Golf Mode. In Street Mode, the golf car will attain up to 25 MPH with increased acceleration and full regenerative braking power. When in Golf Mode, speed is reduced to 14 MPH. Acceleration and regenerative braking are also reduced to prevent loss of traction on grass. Motor torque is not limited in Golf mode. The drive system also has Limp Mode, which is automatically implemented when the batteries are below 20% state of charge. In Limp Mode, maximum speed is reduced to 12 MPH to conserve energy. When in reverse, the speed is limited to 6 MPH for safety. Since the motor can attain 6000 RPM without the possibility of any damage, high speed gears are not required or recommended.
In addition to the AC-9 drive system for golf cars and low-speed vehicles, HPEVS offers kits for other applications ranging from electric car and motorcycle conversions to mining and utility vehicles. Models of the HPEVS AC motor include: AC-9, AC-12, AC-15, AC-20, AC-23, AC-34, AC-35, AC-50, AC-51, AC-74, AC-75, AC-76, AC-34X2 and AC-35X2. HPEVS motors are capable of carrying loads up to 4,000 pounds at highway speeds, and up to 15,000 pounds or more at low speeds.
Looking at AC drive systems for electric car conversions, HPEVS kits can reach up to 165 horsepower and up to 260 foot-pounds of torque. Motorcycle systems clock in at 80 horsepower with up to 130 foot pounds of torque. On road conversion systems are available in a wide range of voltages (72 to 144 volts).
HPEVS has been developing a more universal way to convert many types of full-sized highway speed vehicles. The HPEVS Research and Development Team, has successfully converted a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta, a 1983 Porsche 911, a 2008 Scion XB and a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette to electric. Converting each car into electric was essential in developing other variations of readily-produced motors and systems. Currently, HPEVS is developing an environmentally sealed stainless steel, oil-cooled motor for marine applications.
HPEVS primarily designs and manufactures AC electric motors which are PROUDLY made in the USA, and HPEVS exclusively uses Curtis AC motor controllers in its drive systems. With incentives such as having up to 90% efficiency, full regenerative braking, two speed modes, smart battery protection, and being virtually maintenance free, the choice remains simple; either make compromises with a DC motor system and choose between either high torque or high speed, or have both with an HPEVS AC drive system.