STAR EV (Brand of JH Global Services, Inc.) is pleased to announce the new Classic Roadster series as a luxury golf and recreation model. From 4 to 8 passengers seating, the Classic Roadster is great for use on the road and on the golf course with the optional removable all-aluminum golf bag holder. The Roadster is sure to turn heads with its sleek and classic style.

With families and guests in mind, our Roadster can shuttle large groups safely, comfortably and in style! The Classic Roadster is perfect for transporting people at churches, hotels & resorts with a very unique style separating your business from the others. The 7 HP AC motor paired with the leading Curtis 450 Amp AC controller and Trojan batteries give the Classic Roadster a very powerful approach to the road.

The STAR EV Classic Roadster series is a deluxe electric vehicle with a premium interior package including a lockable glove box, automotive style black leather look vinyl seats, lockable front hood trunk space area, seatbelts and an optional roof.

The STAR EV Classic Roadster can be purchased from any of STAR EV’s 200+ dealers. You can use the dealer locator and check out the Classic Roadster brochure at