That lead-acid battery powering your golf car doesn’t want you to make money. Cleaning corrosion, adding water-even scrapping dead batteries and buying replacements. Golf course managers and maintenance departments fight every day to keep their fleets up and running and generating income. Maintaining that fleet is a time-consuming service that costs money and makes you none. But now you can solve that problem with Thermoil Products Battery De-Mister & Battery De-Sulfater.

“Thermoil has been treating batteries since 1992 and their products are 100% Guaranteed. Thermoil Battery De-Mister is a one-of-a-kind, patented battery oil that took Kendal Oil Company (Now American Refining Group Inc.) and New Castle Battery Mfg. Company’s top engineers almost three years to develop and is guaranteed to work every time in any non-sealed lead-acid battery”, said Thermoil Inc. president, Terry Fellner. “By eliminating corrosion and keeping the chemistry of the electrolyte the same, your battery can now enjoy its’ full life which in many cases is double that of the same battery without De-Mister. You will also reduce water consumption an average of 5 to 7 times, although I have often seen reductions of up to 10 times, and significantly reduce sulfation, toxic fumes and the risk of explosion.”

This patented battery oil (Battery De-Mister) is lighter than acid and water, so it will always float on top of the electrolyte. The result is that during the charging process the bubbles that would otherwise break violently on the surface of the electrolyte and carry out the damaging mist now hit this layer of oil and rise slowly to the surface, where they will break harmlessly. With virtually no mist and much less gassing, you now eliminate corrosion on the battery cover, posts and cables, as well as all electrical and mechanical components around the battery. In addition, the chemistry of the electrolyte remains the same so now the battery can perform as it was intended to.

Fellner says, “Watch the Irrefutable Proof video.” He also states that your battery supplier is going to tell you that they tested it and it does not work or that it is snake oil, that it voids your warranty etc. but Fellner stated just add the product to half of your batteries and watch what happens. You got a golf cart that has 8 batteries then just add it to 4 of them, if it has 6 batteries then add it to 3 of them etc. This test is irrefutable because your batteries will have identical make, age, size and are subjected to the same charge & discharge conditions you will soon see how ThermOil® products stack up.

Fellner says, “Battery suppliers do not want you to do this test knowing that the treated batteries will out-perform the non-treated batteries every time.” Additionally, healthy non-sulfated and corrosion free batteries treated with ThermOil® products have more consistent voltage which means fewer replacement parts in any cars, equipment or machines (e.g. relays, switches, control boards, electric motors etc.) Fellner says, “Go to the web site and click on the icon that says about Thermoil. After reading about Thermoil’s history you will completely understand why the battery companies do not want to work with us. Also read the testimonials under golf.”

For sulfation problems, Battery De-Sulfater is another viable option. Both products are available in 12-ounce bottles and come with a 100% Guarantee. Visit or call 800-221-5351 for more information.