You know the old saying that you could make the greatest thing ever but if you can’t sell it it’s not worth a dime? Well to us that’s a pretty good analogy. We manufacture our Suite Seats to be the greatest value in the golf cart seating industry, but it’s our dealers that have made Suite Seats so successful.

We recognize our dealers are the ones meeting with the cart owners and helping them determine their needs. We are constantly amazed by the well color coordinated carts and appreciate that they consider our seating options to be the best choice for their customers

We manufacture 100% of what we sell and feel a personal connection to our product, this results in our outstanding customer service. We know it’s our responsibility to maintain quality, keep costs down and have short lead times. In order to do this we recently purchased and moved into a new facility with new manufacturing technology.

It has served us well to listen to our dealers and we always strive to be responsive to their concerns and suggestions. Almost every new improvement, innovation, and golf cart accessory we’ve introduced has its roots in conversations we’ve had with our dealers.

Suite Seats Does Not Sell Direct to Cart Owners

Unlike many of the other seat suppliers, from day one we made the decision to market our Suite Seats only through a dealer network. We recognize dealers add a lot of value to the seat purchase and for that reason we need to make sure that they make a profit when they sell our seats and accessories. Often times in this type of dealer based relationship the manufacturer considers calls from cart owners to be outside of their responsibility. We feel the very opposite. Rarely does a day goes by

that a cart owner doesn’t contact us wanting to purchase our seats. We take time to visit with the cart owner and do as much pre-selling as we can by answering questions and offering suggestions. The time we spend often means that by the time they contact our dealer it’s simply a matter of taking down the order.

We hear that our referrals often result in additional sales such as rims, tires, enclosures and other accessories. In this way we are helping our dealers generate new long term customers.

We enjoy it when we help our dealers get new customers, we want to say thank you for the great job our dealers do and appreciate the loyal relationships that have formed over the years.

Outstanding Customer Service

We feel that there is a connection between great customer service and “100% Made in the USA”. It is common that most overseas manufacturers consider their responsibility over once it’s put on the boat for export.

Our advantage is we make 100% of everything we sell! This means we have complete control of the manufacturing process and it is easier for us to provide a uniquely high level of customer service. Like you, we’re consumers, and have noticed that good quality customer service almost always goes hand in hand with good quality products.

We only make top quality products and it starts with the materials that go into our seats. Most seat manufacturers use marine grade vinyl but that only scratches the surface. The foam we use is also Marine Grade, treated with bio-sides included to inhibit mold and mildew. The foams density strikes a perfect balance between comfort and durability. Our wood substrate is Marine Grade that has a lifetime warranty against decay & de-lamination. Our T-Nuts are rivet style and are machine expanded into the wood and are far less likely to loosen.

We feel that being located in the great state of Minnesota gives us a tremendous advantage because of the legendary Midwest work ethic and craftsmanship.  It also means our centralized shipping location helps lower shipping costs and delivery times.

New Expanded Facility With New Technology

We know that the dealer doesn’t get paid until the cart goes out the door, and that the seats are often one of the last things installed. We realize in order to continue to be the industry leader in quality, value and fast delivery, we needed to move into a more spacious facility.

In 2014 we purchased and relocated into a 42,000 sq ft building, (more than double the size of our old facility). We now have the space to inventory more raw materials, house additional employees and invest in upgraded automated equipment. These are all critically important as we move forward into the coming years.

Our Innovation Comes From

Listening To Our Dealers

Innovation and the flexibility to implement new things are hallmarks of any good company and we’re proud to say that thanks to our dealers we have been pretty successful.

We consider our dealers to be our eyes and ears to the golf cart market and right from the beginning we placed a lot of value on what they have to say to us. Our dealers helped us realize the value of increasing our standard color choices, simplifying the installation process and adding additional styles to our OEM line.

We make it simple to become one of our dealers so if you are interested in more satisfied customers and increased profits please give us a call at 507-359-2277

or visit us at

Photo caption – Suite Seats 42,000 sq. ft. facility