Flight Systems Industrial Products is excited to announce the release of its UL listed ChargePlus battery charger, manufactured by S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale. Designed specifically for use as a replacement golf cart charger, the ChargePlus is a portable, high frequency charger that is controlled by microprocessor and offers more than 90% efficiency. ChargePlus is shipped with settings for lead-acid batteries, with gel or AGM settings available upon request.

The easy-to-use ChargePlus features a backlit display showing charging current, battery voltage, charging time and basic troubleshooting codes. Red, yellow and green lights provide a quick view of charging state.

ChargePlus offers the ability to quickly change the DC connection cables, utilizing custom designed pigtails, to switch between carts of the same voltage from different manufactures. This provides unmatched versatility for large golf cart dealers, distributors and golf courses.

ChargePlus is available with and without specific DC pigtails in both 36 and 48 volt versions. The cart manufacturer specific pigtails are also available individually. For more information, visit www.fsip.biz.