THE BEAST™ electric & gas hunting buggies have introduced their next generation line of hunting buggies. The Eastman, GA based company ( has been building quality custom electric & gas buggies for dealers for the past 13 years under the name Golf Cart World, Inc. THE BEAST™ was created 6 years ago. From years of building custom buggies, THE BEAST™ was born. Our mission statement is: “Build a quality buggy that is reliable and dependable then stand behind our product at all costs.” Being avid hunters, owners Tim & Ted Moore set out to build the best, most dependable hunting buggies on the market and…“We think we have.”

What is the Next Generation BEAST? Simply put, it’s a better product for our customers. At TEAM BEAST™ (, we strive for excellence & customer satisfaction. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our buggy. In 2014, we made several technological advancements that we believe will make our product even better.



THE BEAST™ On-The-Fly Programmer is now a standard feature on THE BEAST™ 4×4 LIMITED EDITION. This is a controller for speed, braking & take off with 3 settings on the dash of the vehicle. The settings can be adjusted to the customer’s preference & locked in with a key. This is ground-breaking technology that NO ONE in the industry has available. There will be no more laptops, cords, or other devices needed to adjust settings by the dealers.


We have replaced the 500 amp controller on THE BEAST™ 48 with a more powerful 600 amp Navitas Controller. This controller is already standard in THE BEAST™ 4×4 units. This gives consumers the option of adding 4WD at a later time without having to change controllers. All that will be needed to convert to 4WD is THE BEAST™

4WD kit.

We have also upgraded our motor to a larger, more powerful motor with more torque than ever before. By changing from a 12hp motor to 15.9hp motor, our vehicles allow you to climb steeper hills while keeping the motor cooler. This motor is 1-1/2” longer than the ADC motor we were using with more stack, more copper, more power & runs cooler.

Along with these changes, we have upgraded our fender flares to a more viable plastic to reduce breakage. Our Beefed-Up Steering Wheel is now a standard feature on THE BEAST™ 48 rather than an optional accessory.


We have changed THE BEAST™ 48 HD Independent Front Suspension. We approached a company that builds front ends for hot rods & race cars requesting a total redesign. They started from the ground up & have done a great job using coil-over shocks & multi-color powder-coating. These changes give it a better look, a better ride & a much stronger suspension. This TRUE Independent Front Suspension is exclusively made for The BEAST™ vehicle.

Along with the changes that have been made to the front suspension, we have taken the changes made to The BEAST™ 48 and applied them to THE BEAST™ 48 HD.


  • This XO Cage is fully powder-coated with a tex black satin finish. All metals are hand-inspected and prepped with a chemical cleansing process to ensure good powder adhesion.
  • All units are made with 2” aluminum tubing, 5052 aluminum alloy materials, fully tig welded for superior strength.
  • All tubing is coped for great fitments and proper welds.
  • THE BEAST™ XO Cage includes:
  • 2” receiver hitch & winch pad, front brush guard, front basket, rear seat/cargo box combo with tailgate, top with cargo rails, double gun racks, seatbelt brackets, arm rests & head rests.
  • In addition to these standard features, we also have the following accessories available: fold-down windshield, grab handles, side mirrors, & LED Lighting (fits all models). The XO Cage gives us a UTV look & is strong & lightweight.


We now offer aluminum accessories (black powder-coated) for THE BEAST™ and they will fit any E-Z-GO TXT Model golf cart from 1995 to present:

  • Aluminum Brush Guard
  • Aluminum Front Basket
  • Aluminum Cargo Box
  • Aluminum Top with Cargo Rails

We anticipate 2015 to be a great year. With the New Year, comes bigger & better things.


A range extender for THE BEAST™ 48 that will give 80 miles per charge.

• Testing a 4×4 Hybrid on the front that will be powered by 2 dual AC motors and the rear that will be powered by a 13hp Kawasaki engine to fit THE BEAST™ Gas Cart.

TEAM BEAST is excited about the coming year. Our goal is to make the consumer a product they can enjoy. We plan to achieve that goal with the improvements we continue to make, as well as standing behind our product. We look forward to serving you.

We are interested in qualified dealers that have a good retail location & a quality service center. If you are interested, contact us at 866-411-2278 or visit our website at