After several requests for a Street Legal (17 digit VIN number) ambulance, Orange County Monster Carts created the ambulance for municipalities and sporting events. By doing this, it allows Rescue Personnel the ability to enter areas previously inaccessible due to the size of their equipment. “With the ever growing venues that rescue personal are needed, it became obvious that a small more agile lighter weight vehicle was needed” said Rob Stewart of AFD. We have observed that equipment that was used had been adapted to meet the paramedics or EMT needs. This truly is the first vehicle that was developed by the Paramedics and EMT themselves. We basically went to the EMT and Paramedics provided a blank white board and allowed them to design and create the vehicle to not only meet but exceed what their harsh everyday use is. The carts are equipped with a Stryker Pro gurney, defib boards, IV pole, three locking boxes for equipment, backboard storage, heart monitor stand, under roof LED lighting for night work, fully covered one piece fiberglass roof painted to match, adjustable driver seat, fixed rear seat, 12 volt power point for radio charging, fully reclining side gates to allow transfer of Gurney or patient access. Gurney can mount either face forward or face back depending on preferences. We utilized an aluminum chassis that was engineered by ACG; it is powered by the Sevcon AC Drive train and has a 17.5 HP motor. On-board Delta-Q charger, hydraulic brakes, speedometer, alloy wheels and tires are all standard equipment. We have had requests for an all-terrain lifted model with larger tires and have it scheduled for construction in the next few weeks. For more information, call 714-708-3611 or visit