When Pro-Fit launched in 2011, the brand had no dealers and only offered 10 products. The outlook for Pro-Fit could have been seen as bleak, but the brand thrived on the belief that there was a need for a universal and economical brand focused on providing superior value in the golf car aftermarket. That belief that has allowed Pro-Fit to quickly grow intoa strong competitor in the golf car aftermarket with more than 500 dealers across the United States and Canada and more than 250 products across the Club Car®, E-Z-GO® and Yamaha® product lines.


One of the strengths of the Pro-Fit brand is the ability to continually launch new products. Within the past year,Pro-Fit has launched over 100 new products. These products range from “gra and go” products, such as seat blankets, Bluetooth® speakers, and cargo bags, that allow a customer to quickly grab the item from a showroom floor to products that transform a golf car from a used fleet car into a golf car a customer would be proud to drive around their neighborhood.


For the dealer looking to transform a golf car at a reasonable price, Pro-Fit offers converters, seat kits, windshields, and LED upgradeable light kits to name a few options. Also included in the product line are more than 80 different tires and wheels – including the recently launched Flux and Megastar wheels. These wheels offer a unique look that will make any golf car stand out.


In 2015, Pro-Fit plans to launch another 100 new products to help dealers constantly have new products to talk about with their customers. Of the products being launched, many of them are innovative and one of a kind in the market.


One of the newest products is Smart Link. Smart Link allows a golf car user to view valuable information about their car, such as an accurate state-of- charge reading, vehicle speed, and expected recharging time. Additionally, Smart Link has a lockout feature that lets a customer lock their golf car from unwanted use or theft.

Not only is Smart Link easy for a customer to use, it’s easy for a dealer to install. Installation takes less than ten minutes, and the system uses less than three milliamps as it combines specially designed hardware that attaches to the battery pack with a smart phone application. Dealers also see value in Smart Link™ as a diagnostics tool. Smart Link records the last 800 charge/discharge cycles and allows a customer to directly e-mail a dealer the charge cycle. This can save the customer a visit to the dealer when battery issues arise.

Customers with Smart Link have reported a better focus on maintenance and an increased awareness around range capabilities.


Another product that separates Pro-Fit from its competitors is the new deluxe LED light kit. By installing these light kits rather than a traditional light kit, a golf car owner can save money by not purchasing a converter. This light kit package is also upgradable with the ability to add turn signals, head lights, tail/brake lights and a horn. These kits are available for 36 or 48 volt cars.


“Pro-Fit can always be counted on to release the newest products.” Tiffany Yando, marketing manager, at GC Duke Equipment. “Every week, Pro-Fit launches multiple new products that meet a need we have.”


Pro-Fit not only strives to help dealers with continual product launches and new product innovation, but also through marketing materials in the dealer’s showroom. Pro-Fit believes the showroom experience is critical to a customer’s purchasing decisions and wants to help dealers sell accessories through an exceptional showroom experience.

To create that exceptional showroom experience, Pro-Fit offers retail wall displays and tire and wheel displays that allow a dealer to showcase key products. Pro-Fit also has retail packaging for more than 30 products and continues to offer retail packaging for many of the new products launched. The Pro-Fit sales team is also available to help a dealer set up the retail walls customized to the dealer’s showroom space.


For key new products, Pro-Fit offers tailored marketing materials to the dealer base. For example, dealers selling Smart Link are offered Smart Link sales sheets to hand to customers and either a Smart Link poster or a 10-foot pop-up banner that are easily displayed in a showroom or at an event. These materials are created by Pro-Fit’s in-house marketing team and are specially designed to spark a conversation between the Pro-Fit dealer and customer.

“Working with the Pro-Fit team is a partnership,” said James Powell, Operations Manager, of Lake Erie Golf Carts. “They seek our feedback on new product launches and provide us the marketing materials we can’t produce ourselves.”

Looking to the future, Pro-Fit plans to build on the momentum it has created by continuing to launch new and innovative golf car accessories and marketing materials to a growing dealer base.

To learn more about becoming a Pro-Fit dealer, contact 1-844-360-5524.