Over the past decade the DoorWorks brand has become the leader in frame door enclosures. With over 30 frame door designs, DoorWorks has been very busy with new product development. Our challenge now is to digest all of the operational complexities while improving quality control. With each successive design we have developed more efficient processes.

We also continue to revisit our older designs and improve on them. The focus is mainly on design simplification which goes hand and hand with faster installation time.


Faster Install Time

We fully understand the concept of time is money. We have listened to our dealers and have worked hard to simplify the designs to reduce the installation time. We have accomplished this objective on most of our DoorWorks models. For example, in our 4 passenger line, we have literally cut the installation time in half by simplifying the framework and using awning track around the back of the roof to hang the rear curtains – fast and simple!

Several years ago we had one of our dealers say, “Our customers love DoorWorks more than we do.” When pressed to expand on that comment he went on to say that once he installs and delivers the car with a DoorWorks his customers rave about the product and say they will never own another zippered track enclosure. The downside is the dealer said it took him over 2 hours to install it. From that moment several years ago, it has been our mission to re-engineer the framing to simplify and cut the installation time. Much of that effort is now coming to market.


Shorter Lead Times – More in-stock products

While we have been keeping more enclosures in stock, it has not been consistent. Our goal going forward, which we fully intend to accomplish, is to have a more consistent level of inventory for each car model, particularly the high volume car models and colors. We aim for all standard colors of 2 passenger DoorWorks to ship in 2-3 business days, 4 passenger enclosures 1-2 weeks, and for 6 & 8 passenger cars 2-3 weeks.


Value Proposition

We believe a DoorWorks Enclosure will provide the end-user roughly 3 times the useful life versus a track enclosure for less than twice the price. But the value does not stop there. The luxury and convenience of getting in and out of a 30” wide door opening versus a narrow zippered track enclosure is an outstanding benefit. When we hear from existing DoorWorks owners they have nothing but praise for our product, which really inspires us. In addition to not having to duck through the tight zipper opening, the car owner also does not have to deal with rolling the curtains up and down which is never much fun.


Aluminum frames

Early this year we started a gradual change from metal to aluminum frames. This is another dealer motivated improvement to the DoorWorks products. First of all, it solves the rust issue for dealers anywhere near the coast. Second, it is much lighter than metal which is better for the user’s car. Lastly, the lighter frame makes it easier for one person to install the enclosure.


Standout Latch – Lock the doors back to the side of the car

This past season we also improved the mechanism to lock the doors in the open position by introducing our new patent pending Standout Latch. Both new and existing customers have been excited about the ability to simply open the door back and clip the latch over the top of the door to lock it in the open position (the doors are also easy to remove). Then, to close the door, simply push the latch off the top of the door. The Standout Latch bolts to the header bar of the enclosure and is completely out of the way. We are also receiving a lot of orders from dealers to retrofit existing DoorWorks customers’ cars.


DoorGuards – New and improved

The new DoorGuards have also been a big hit with our dealers. It’s all about simplicity. No longer do the DoorGuards bolt to the bottom of the doors. We created a beautiful design that clamps to the bottom of the doors with a nice rounded bumper on the outside to keep the doors from scuffing the tires. Only seconds to install!

Expanded warehouse and production

We recently expanded our facility to over 32,000 sq feet. This affords us to have larger functional areas for sewing, welding and quality inspections. In addition, we have more warehouse space to stock additional finished goods inventory.


Thanks to our loyal dealers

We believe the key to our success is the continued support of our loyal dealers.

We strive to be a solid strategic partner with our dealers by continuing to work towards 100% order accuracy and shorter lead times, this in turn leads to very satisfied end users.

If you are interested in becoming a new DoorWorks dealer please call us at 1-866-888-3667 or visit us at www.DoorWorksEnclosures.com.