Why doesn’t someone make a comfortable, deluxe golf seat?” That’s the question brothers Dave and Dan Vahala asked themselves in the clubhouse after a round of golf back in 2007. Although neither Dave or Dan hit a hole-in-one playing golf that day, that simple question became a winning business idea that led to the start of Ultimate Golf Seating (UGS).

While UGS has experienced tremendous growth over the years, Dave and Dan remain true to their pioneering mission of providing style and quality as well as ergonomic fit and comfort. The Vahala’s have been able to stay on the fairway by remaining a family-owned business based in Elkhart, Indiana. Dave’s wife, Mary Jo, now oversees marketing and public relations while their son Matt handles sales out of an office located in Florida. “As a family-owned business we’re close to our customers and take their feedback to heart,” stated Dave Vahala.

That customer feedback has resulted in new and improved products. UGS currently offers a complete line ranging from the deluxe Supreme, Luxury, Classic and Envy models to the value-priced Premier, Elite and Vantage models. In addition, rear seat kits have been added as well. Rear seat kits are available to match all UGS models, in either stationary or flip kits. Rear seat kits are easy to install, and can be used as either replacement seats with an existing seat frame or on an UGS frame.
UGS Tees Off New and Improved Models

New and improved models at UGS tee off as detailed three-dimensional computer drawings utilizing the most sophisticated computer-assisted design (CAD) tools available. Dave proudly states that, “While our engineers draw on their extensive training and experience in striving to achieve the right look and fit, much of the inspiration for new models and improvements to existing models comes from our customers. We enjoy a strong relationship with our customers, and our top priority is not just meeting but exceeding their needs.”

These three-dimensional CAD images allow engineers and product managers the opportunity to refine and fine tune their designs. Next, prototypes of the designs are hand built for closer inspection. Dave continues, “It may take us several rounds of CAD drawings and prototypes before we are satisfied with the design and ready to go into production. Two of the most important factors we always take into consideration in designing seats are ease of installation and low maintenance.”

The two newest models are the Vantage Bench and the Envy Bench. Both offer improved comfort and reduced back strain. In addition, the Envy features bucket seats and fold-down arm rests and the Vantage incorporates hip restraints. Both utilize proprietary high-density polyurethane foam.

Seeking Out Latest State-Of-The-Art Production and Materials

Just as golfers seek out the latest-and-greatest in clubs and balls, UGS seeks out the latest state-of-the-art production and materials. Quality seats start at the foundation. “Our seat foundations consist of five-ply, pressure-treated plywood for stability, one-inch, 16-gauge electro-coated steel tube frames for rigidity and longevity, and base-mount flexing springs made from high-grade steel to provide flexibility on even the bumpiest of golf courses and trails, streets and sidewalks,” explains Dan.

To maximize comfort, UGS utilizes foam produced at their sister company Vahala Foam, Inc., conveniently located in Elkhart. “Our extensive experience in producing high-density polyurethane foam for the automotive, recreational vehicle and marine industries assures that our golf cart seats are comfortable and long-lasting,” Dan explains. It’s not just the quality of the foam that makes a difference, it’s also how the foam is cut and shaped. “We use state-of-the-art, computer-controlled CNC profiling machines that cut the foam for a precise fit from one seat to the next,” adds brother Dave.

Seats are then covered in marine-grade vinyl and undercover material for not only an attractive appearance but also to protect the owner’s investment for when rain suddenly and expectedly hits while out on the back nine. This marine-grade vinyl can even withstand long exposure to the most powerful UV rays from the sun and the double-stitched seams add to the durability and long life.

“We’re a custom shop,” volunteers Matt Vahala. “Customers can choose from a wide range of standard vinyl colors or order a special color to suit their needs or tastes. We can even embroider seats based on a customer’s design or request.”

But what makes UGS the ultimate is their fully adjustable, chiropractor-approved lumbar support system for proper alignment of the muscles and skeletal system of the lower back, leaving golfers relaxed and fresh for their next powerful drive or sensitive putt. Other UGS seat amenities include adjustable front-to-rear slides, tilting backs, padded fold-down armrests, adjustable headrests and a center-locking console in which to store personal items. UGS seats are also easy to get in and out of.

UGS Keeps Their Eye On the Ball

Throughout the manufacturing process UGS keeps their eyes focused on quality. All seats, from the Supreme to the Elite, are inspected to the same rigorous quality standards. Trained inspectors meticulously scrutinize each weld, stitch, and seam. “Our managers know that quality comes first. If a seat doesn’t meet both the UGS standard and our customers’ expectations, it doesn’t leave the factory. We never take any shortcuts,” proudly claims Dave. “Only the absolute finest seats wear the Ultimate tag of approval.”

UGS Stands Alone At the Top of the Customer Service Leaderboard

UGS has rightfully earned their position of standing alone at the top of customer service. “We always go the extra mile for our customers,” Matt chips in. UGS invites customers to immediately contact the company if there are ever any questions or concerns. No detail is too small or unimportant. UGS makes every effort to completely satisfy the customer. That’s why UGS enjoys such intense customer loyalty. “It’s not unusual for customers to tell their friends how happy they are with their UGS seats,” Matt proudly emphasizes.

Takes Strokes Off Your Game

Dave frequently jokes that “It may or may not take strokes off your game, but your body will definitely feel better after your round riding in a UGS seat.”

The top-of-the-line Supreme Sport and the Supreme both retail for $1,545, the Luxury Bucket and Bench both for $1,395, the Classic and Envy for $985, the Premier Bench for $855, the Elite Bench for $799, and the newest in the line, the Vantage Bench sells for only $625.

Ultimate Golf Seating products are available across the country through golf cart dealers. Additional information about Ultimate Golf Seating is available online at ultimategolfseating.com or by calling toll free at (888) 989-9887. Or, if you are a dealer interested in carrying the Ultimate in golf seating, give us a call or email us at customerservice@ultgolfseating.com.