During the past 30 years, Club Protector Inc. has traveled a path of innovation and creativity in the golf car industry. In the late 1980’s, the “Original Club ProtectorTM” was invented by our founder, William Held. In 2004, Club Protector released the state-of-the-art and one-of-a kind patented “Club Protector Elite™.” In 2012 Club Protector Inc. unveiled the patented “Retractable Roller Enclosure™.” Now coming in 2016, Club Protector Inc. will unveil the new patent pending “Battery Reserve System.” The “Battery Reserve System” will be unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 27th-29th, 2016. The Club Protector Inc. booth number is 2115.

New Patent Pending “Battery Reserve System”

The patent pending “Battery Reserve System” is a battery backup system that allows the driver to switch over to a fully charged battery system after the first battery system runs out. The independent product testing company, Bureau Veritas, has documented and proven that the battery reserve system can almost DOUBLE the driving distance of an electric golf car. It will enable the customer to enjoy the comfort and quiet of an electric golf car for much longer periods of time without the worry of the battery system running out. It’s sure to be a major attraction in the golf car accessory area as there’s nothing on the market like it. This product will be very appealing to customers who use their personally owned golf cars for transportation, such as in The Villages, Florida.

Some advantages of the “Go Green” “Battery Reserve System” are:

  1. Provides almost double the driving distance of an electric golf car.
  2. An electric golf car is quiet compared to a golf car that has a gasoline engine. The noise factor is virtually eliminated.
  3. You do not have to breathe or have your clothes smell of exhaust fumes.
  4. Eliminates fuel costs.
  5. Can be recharged in the same amount of time as an original battery system.

Patented “Retractable Roller Enclosures™”

Club Protector Inc. will also have its award winning “Retractable Roller Enclosure™” on display at the PGA Merchandise Show. No more rolling up your curtains by hand! Simply pull a chain and the curtains roll up by themselves just like a window shade. The Retractable Roller Enclosure patented design eliminates wrinkled window vinyl and canvas which helps keep the curtains looking new. When the curtains are rolled up, you are left with a clean look of smooth canvas not wrinkled window vinyl-like traditional hand roll enclosures. Every time you roll the curtains down, the window vinyl is wrinkle free. One of the many great features of the Roller Enclosure is that the front half of the side curtain can be rolled up by the pull chain while keeping the rear half of the side down and zipped to the rear curtain. The rear curtain also has its own roller and can be rolled up on hot days. The Retractable Roller Enclosures are made of Sunbrella awning fabric which is one of the finest outdoor fabrics available. Sunbrella awning fabric has an array of solid colors and striped patterns so the customer is able to put together the “look” they truly have in mind. For the “complete look”, most customers add matching Sunbrella seat covers and a Club Protector Elite or an Original Club Protector.

Since its inception 3 years ago, the Retractable Roller Enclosure has become extremely popular. Sales have escalated to a point that in order to meet this high demand, Club Protector Inc. has added a 5,000 sq ft addition to their facility dedicated to this single product. Due to the escalating sales, Club Protector Inc., has been able to reach a very high buying power of raw materials. In turn, Club Protector Inc., has been able to maintain their low price point.

New Features

Club Protector Inc. takes pride in their customer satisfaction and pays close attention to customer feedback. Through the years there have been many new features that have been changed or added to the Retractable Roller Enclosure. Some are as follows:

  1. A swiveling mechanism that has a wider and stronger chain for additional durability and ease of retracting.
  2. A patent-pending lighted “Glow Valance™” which provides added aspects of safety and style. The low voltage outdoor LED lighting provides an indirect lighting that shines onto the valance and causes no distraction to the driver.
  3. New patent-pending magnetic curtain edge fasteners that keep the bottom edge of the enclosure from flapping while driving.
  4. Windshield and seat back air dams that help keep cold air out of the passenger compartment.

Each Retractable Roller Enclosure is installed, tested and fitted on a golf car in our factory to ensure perfect fit and easy installation when it arrives to the dealer. Working with our dealers on shorter lead time, we now stock their most popular colors. For all other colors, our lead time is 2 weeks or less. Club Protector Inc. takes much pride in having one of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Dealer Recognition

We would like to thank all of our dealers and customers for their input and suggestions. It is because of you that we have shorter lead time and shorter installation time. You have been a huge part of our company’s growth and expansion!

Free Showroom Display for New Dealers

All Club Protector Inc. products are made in the USA and manufactured in our facility. We’re a “Go Green” company and respecting our environment is an important aspect to our manufacturing facility. Again, thank you to all of our dealers and customers. Rest assured that service and quality are always our objectives. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at Sales@clubprotectorinc.com or call us 1-800-338-8749. We’re always interested in installing a free display in your showroom. Please visit our website www.clubprotector.com to see videos of our products.