“It’s how we do it, because a promise is only as good as the company that stands behind it.”

Electric Warranty Group, the golf car industry’s premier warranty company, announces the official launch of operations based in Charleston, SC. EWG offers custom warranties for new and remanufactured golf cars through a nationwide network of dealers. With over 20 years of experience in the sales and administration in the service contract industry, EWG brings something the golf car industry has never seen before. EWG’s mission is to deliver comprehensive warranty products and service to the personal electric vehicle marketplace through a nationwide dealer network with unrivaled customer service and assurance for the consumer. The company has committed to same day service for claims administration through the dealer and also plans to leverage its vast supplier network for out of stock parts and/or limited availability accessories. “Our dealer sales and service network is growing every day”, said Justin Weathers, EWG’s President. He went on to say “the difference we make is our approach to dealer development by partnering in areas such as formation of a market strategy, advertising, and sales training. These are just a few reasons why EWG dealer partners will see increases in customer loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction. Why does it work so well? “We don’t believe in providing ‘just a product’. Our dealers become partners…. we are invested in building their business and building value in their product. Customers feel secure knowing that they will be covered, no matter where they are in the country. We are committed to provide an effective and efficient way to help our dealers increase golf car sales without sacrificing margin to do it.” Justin went on to share that they will be supporting their dealer network through local, authorized EWG agents that will serve as the liaison between the dealer and EWG to execute on their commitment to the dealer relationship. The company gives customers incredible flexibility and peace of mind for repairs knowing they can take their golf car anywhere in the United States to be repaired and it also drastically expands a dealer’s target market. For more information about becoming part of the EWG network or an authorized EWG agent, please send your inquiry via email to sales@ewgcorp.com.