Cart Mart, a San Diego, CA based golf car and utility vehicle distributor was awarded a contract to supply the NFL with golf cars, transportation and utility vehicles to be used at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, CA during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, 2016. The rental contract, which called for over 350 specialty vehicles, commenced on January 4, 2016 when the first deliveries were called to the site, and ran through February 22, 2016, the last day that Levis Stadium remains in control of the NFL. Many of the small, electric and gas powered vehicles are being used to support the operations and early site development at Levis Stadium as a massive creating of infrastructure of temporary offices, staging, perimeter fencing, lighting security and parking operations has transformed the parking lots and available spaces around Levis Stadium into a virtual city. Other specialty transportation and utility vehicles were used to move vendors, employees, volunteers and VIP’s throughout the maze of temporary structures and gates that had been erected to shepherd guests and fans about. Cart Mart is also supporting Homeland Security, all Media and Networks, parking operations, signage, merchandising and halftime productions to name a few. Special, electric vehicles are also being used to move people, building materials, merchandise, food, drink and beer to locations within all levels of Levis Stadium as vendors and the NFL prepare for game day.

“To be selected as the supplier to the NFL for such a historical event is a true honor which comes with great responsibility. My team has worked diligently to contribute to the success of this contract and I am overjoyed with the amount of teamwork and support we have received from our employees and partners in making this event a great success. Very few companies can handle the demand of such a large and important contract, and we are proud to be here”, stated Brian Rott, President & CEO. Super Bowl 50 is the sixth Super Bowl that Cart Mart has provided vehicles over its 57 year history and the Company hopes to expand its contract with the NFL for future Super Bowls. For more information, visit