Genplus Corp. has been manufacturing Cooltra Shade for more than 15 years and supplying this product to harsh areas all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Middle East Asia, as well as the U.S. Cooltra Shade is manufactured with 100% high density polyethylene warp knitted shade fabrics with a 10 years UV stabilized warranty even in extreme harsh weather conditions, and also protects from harmful UV rays. To eliminate material shrinkage after installation, this mesh is manufactured with a “pre-heat set” process, which provides great strength at a lower maintenance cost. Lightweight and durable, this breathable mesh shade produces a cooler area for better air circulation. With a long history of excellent production results, Cooltra Shade is mildew, UV, and chemical resistant.

Cooltra Shade can be installed in any areas where cool shade is needed, such as children’s playgrounds, car ports, picnic areas, outdoor restaurant areas, and is excellent for patios and decks. For more information, call 800-526-6997 or visit