The 63rd Anniversary of the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, held January 27-29 in Orlando, FL was deemed a success by several factors including an increase in attendance from last year, despite the brutal East Coast storm earlier in the week. And the increase was noticeable as the walking areas were jam packed at times. First time exhibitors were numerous, some with new innovations and technology for the industry as well as the usual exhibitors with their new and improved line-up of vehicles and new products adapting with the available technologies in the marketplace.

Nearly 10 miles of exhibit aisles flanked the Orange County Convention Center with more than 42,000 golf industry professionals, retailers and industry leaders from every U.S. state and 91 countries in attendance including over 1,000 exhibitors (which included 284 new companies to the event). The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show saw exciting product introductions in every sector of the business, with a three percent increase over 2015 in PGA Professional attendance and a record 25 hours of coverage by the Golf Channel to provide an insiders’ look for consumers. The top five countries (outside of the U.S.) represented in attendance were Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and Germany. The top five U.S. states represented in attendance were Florida, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“This was truly a special PGA Merchandise Show, where the golf community was able to mark the Centennial of the PGA of America and celebrate the impact PGA Professionals have had on the game,” says PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions Senior Vice President and General Manager Ed Several. “As is the tradition of the PGA Merchandise Show, the world of golf came together here in Orlando to drive forward the business of the game in a face-to-face environment. In addition to sourcing from a wide spectrum of the newest merchandise, attending PGA Professionals and golf buyers were able to personally experience the most advanced technologies in demo events, personal interaction with the game’s leaders and product designers, a sharing of best practices among colleagues and a full calendar of professional resources to impact their businesses and careers.”



Cool Shot Windscreen of Dallas, TX displayed their unique, patented windscreen that easily mounts to all major brand golf cars. The Cool Shot Windscreen is designed to create a cool air flow and eliminate the glare that you get with a typical windshield. Applications are for golf cars, LSV’s, UTV’s and off-road vehicles. Manufactured in Dallas, TX using quality materials allows better quality control and carries a one year warranty. For more information call 972-215-7807 or visit

Pro-Fit exhibited a wide variety of golf car parts & accessories, showing off some of the available PRO-FIT wall and packaging displays available for the golf car dealer showroom. PRO-FIT offers retail wall displays and tire and wheel displays that allow a dealer to showcase key products. Starter kits include 4 – 2 ft sections with artwork and tire & wheel displays on caster wheels. Retail wall displays and packaging are also available for Club Car, Yamaha & E-Z-GO. To learn more about Retail Starter Kits, call 844-360-5524.

Chilly Cheeks of Plano, TX introduced a portable seat cushion that cools when it’s hot and warms when it’s cold. Simply freeze or microwave the non-toxic gel pack and you’re ready to go. There are three styles to choose from and uses aren’t only for the golf car – also can be used for the boat, stadium seating, bleachers and more. You can also have Chilly Cheeks personalized with your company, team or school logo. The portable Chilly Cheeks seat cushions provide 3 hours of warmth or 4 hours of cooling. For more information, call 844-424-3357 or visit

Sunright International of Lawrenceville, GA displayed the Big Horn 200 VX and 200 GVX. Both models are low speed utility & golf vehicles sharing the same platform with the main difference being the VX has the Hydraulic Assist Dump Bed while the GVX has the 4-seat configuration with Rear Bench seating. Using a 60 Volt Brushless DC Motor, the VX and GVX can attain a speed of 25 MPH and an approximate range of 32 miles. Gas models are available, as well. Both are dynamic-looking vehicles with a very low cost point making them some of the more economical vehicles in the industry. For more information, visit

Ningbo ICAR Golf Cars of Ningbo, China exhibited many of their popular golf car parts and accessories. This China-based company acts as a sourcing agent for almost any standard or custom golf car part and accessory for E-Z-GO, Club Car & Yamaha. With more than 20 years of international service, ICAR Golf Cars prides itself on
low prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service. For more information, visit

TORQ Off-Road Electric Vehicles of Birmingham, AL introduced their all new side-by-side off road vehicle, the Suppressor VLE, the most innovative combination of performance and silence engineered into an electric off-road vehicle. Designed to provide the ultimate trail-riding experience, the Suppressor VLE is guaranteed to be a hit with hunters and off-road enthusiasts. Handcrafted in the USA using high quality components, the Suppressor VLE delivers a quicker, quieter, lighter and tighter vehicle. With a huge list of standard features and customization available to the end user, the Suppressor VLE will be unlike any other vehicle in its class. For more information, call 205-520-5552 or visit

Cart Tek of Bend, OR displayed a unique remote controlled cart for the golf course. With several models to choose from, the GRi-975Li is the top of the line being the lightest cart in the line-up. Composed of aviation grade aluminum with two 24-Volt motors integrated inside the axle, the advanced motor braking technology prevents the cart from travelling faster than the set speed. This keeps the cart from pulling you down hills. This vehicle is also powered by a very small lithium battery and most people would never realize it’s an electric cart. For more information, call 541-633-4308 or visit



Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories has always drawn crowds to their displays in past years and this year was no different at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show as they showed off many of their highly popular accessories from LED light bars to the Overhead Stereo Console to Suite Seats upholstery to Stenten’s new 3-Point Harness Seat Belts, it was almost endless with high quality accessories. And with Stenten’s, it doesn’t stop there. Started in 1986, they have become a leading supplier of golf car accessories in the industry, committed to providing the dealer with the highest quality and greatest selection of products. For more information call 1-800-541-8333 or visit

Garia garnered much attention with their unique and extravagant display of golf cars and LSV’s. Right away you can tell these are not your typical electric vehicles! One
of their many vehicles on display was the all new Garia Courtesy 4+2 Model available with optional Samsung Lithium Batteries providing a range of 40-60 miles. Available as a 4-seater or 6-seater and a Roadster version, it provides a range of up to 40 miles. Some standard features are automotive style shocks, pre-wired GPS power outlet, Hydrolink water filler system, LED taillights, genuine leather steering wheel and Trojan batteries. For more information call their Houston, TX office at 281-923-0291 or visit

Oakridge Global displayed the future of golf car batteries with their new Pro-Series High Energy Lithium Ion batteries featuring technology that provides more rounds per charge and more miles per charge compared to not only the leading lead acid batteries, but other leading lithium battery competitors, as well. With a battery company comprised of golfers they truly have the consumer base in mind for what the needs are in the industry. Conserving energy, maximizing drive-time and minimizing the carbon footprint are just a few of the principals of Oakridge Global. An intelligent battery monitoring system automatically balances each cell overnight providing maximum power availability and this technology also acts as an anti-aging solution, providing extended operation year after year. For more information, call 321-610-7959 or visit

US Battery displayed the XC2™ deep cycle battery with “Diamond Plate Technology”. Lasting longer and providing improved charging profiles will save time and money and ultimate compatibility with the wide range of chargers used in the field. These are just some of the many benefits stemming from over two years of internal testing and coordinating with independent testing to ensure that XC2™ is working as promised. The results achieved with the XC2™ formulation are impressive and set new standards for deep cycle battery performance. For more information call 800-695-0945 or visit

Club Protector presented the highly popular patented retractable roller enclosure available in a pull chain. Simply pull a chain and they roll up in seconds – no more rolling
up by hand. The enclosures are made of the finest outdoor awning fabric available, Sunbrella canvas with durable double-stitch sewing. When rolled up, all you see
is smooth, wrinkle-free canvas and with the window vinyl rolled up under the canvas, protection from the sun provides longevity. Also introduced was the all-new patent pending lighted Glow Valance, which will certainly add that unique touch to your golf car. For more information call 800-338-8749 or visit

Club Pro Products displayed what is certainly one of the top of the line enclosures, the Encompass Golf Car Enclosure. This enclosure revolutionizes the way we use our golf cars. Ease of installation and a seamless fit give it a “made-from-the-factory” appearance, rather than an after-thought like some of their competitors. A high-end appearance, unique styling, all weather performance and constructed to fit Club Car Precedent & Caryall, Yamaha Drive and E-Z-GO RXV model golf cars has already given the Encompass Enclosure the attention it deserves. For  more information, call 800-467-2844 or visit

Yamaha exhibited the all new YamaTrac fleet management software for the first time at this year’s PGA Show. YamaTrac is a plug and play wireless solution to control your entire Yamaha golf car fleet. Once plugged in, the device turns and Yamaha Golf Car into a smart car providing real-time tracking, live diagnostics and all necessary commands to control your car. Whether the needs are monitoring individual cars, slowing them down or troubleshooting maintenance, this provides an easy effective way for fleet management. Yamatrac can also be used for the individual golf car/LSV user. With a wireless GPS device installed, you can know the precise location of the vehicle – a great solution that will appeal to parents allowing use of the vehicle to their kids. For more information, visit or call 866-747-4027.

Star EV, a division of JH Global Services, displayed several popular electric vehicles including the retro-looking Roadster. The Roadster is a deluxe 4 Passenger Electric Vehicle with premium interior compliments, front hood trunk space area and a powerful 450 A Curtis Controller for responsive acceleration and hill climbing ability. Available with many standard features in a 4, 6 or 8 passenger configuration, the Roadster will stand out from the crowd. Available colors are Passion Red, Retro Orange and Vivid Yellow. For more information call 1-877-818-8833 or visit

Club Car exhibited several vehicles including the very popular Precedent i2 with Visage technology. Visage lets you see the condition of every vehicle in the fleet and foresee problems that could impact a customer’s enjoyment. You can also control the speed and boundaries of where the vehicle goes. Establish no-go zones and set cart path-only areas, a Visage-equipped fleet is totally at your command anywhere on your property. Need to send a message to any or all of the cars on the course? Not a problem! Ultimately, raising productivity, protecting assets and increasing revenue for your operation is what Visage can do. For more information, visit

Trojan Battery, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, displayed their popular line up of versatile golf car batteries including the Reliant AGM sealed golf car battery. The Reliant is designed as the only true deep-cycle AGM batteries and is engineered with an advanced technology feature which provides maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, enhanced durability and an increased total energy output. Test results show a 13-17% energy increase over the competition. The Reliant AGM batteries are built in the USA at the Trojan Battery state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sandersville, GA. For more information, visit

Evolution Electric Vehicles of Palm Desert, CA presented several of their golf car and LSV vehicles. The all new Revolution garnered much attention with its’ unique styling. The Revolution is a 4 Passenger electric vehicle with automotive-style features, powder coated chassis, 300 A Curtis AC Controller with regenerative braking and a maximum speed of 25MPH. Other features included are an onboard charger, roll cage cabin structure, LED lighting, stainless steel hardware and is available in White, Yellow, Beige, Gold, Black, Red, Navy Blue & Green. For more information call 844-556-6666 or visit

Flow-Rite presented the all new Battery Steward, an application that organizes your battery care schedule, alerts you when tasks are due, records maintenance and asset data and allows you to analyze the data over a specific time period. Using your mobile device with identifying labels, it creates a task schedule including watering, cleaning and preventative maintenance, virtually eliminating guess work on what was done last and when. If you miss or overlook a task, Battery Steward alerts you when a task is due or past due. For more information, visit

Eagle Parts & Products displayed a wide variety of some of their high quality specialized products including their state-of-the-art mobility products. Eagle Parts & Products is a Georgia corporation established in 1996. The company was initiated to be a leading manufacturer of Electric Convenience Vehicles and OEM/aftermarket parts for a variety of markets and industries. Today the company is located in Augusta, Georgia and headquartered in an over 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility with multiple production capabilities. These capabilities provide products to such companies as E-Z-GO Textron, Yamaha, John Deere, Sea World, Costco and many others. For more information call 706-790-6687 or visit

Golf Skate Caddy displayed an innovative and fun way to drive the course with the Golf Skate Caddy, a purpose-built, single person golf transport device. Gentler on the course and quieter than a traditional golf car it’s apparent that there is a “fun factor” to this product. High reviews are commonplace as users have compared this to “surfing the turf”. Essentially, the Golf Skate Caddy has fused the fun of a skateboard with a golfing purpose. It’s one of those rare products that will have you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Golf Skate Caddy is powered by a 30ah lithium battery and able to carry a player, full pro bag, clubs and accessories with a mere 60-second learning curve. For more information call 844-300-GOLF or visit

E-Z-GO displayed the very popular Freedom TXT. Whether on the golf course or needing to pick up groceries at the local market, it features all the functionality and amenities you would want with the power and style to get there with ease. Available in a gas or electric model the frame is sturdy welded steel with a protective powder-coated finish. Standard features include 18” turf tires, head & taillights, horn, sweater basket and a storage compartment, just to name a few. Several options are available as well as several colors to choose from. For more information, visit

Silver Wolf Motors presented the Navitas motor controller with the On-The-Fly Programmer. Now you have the ability to make adjustments on the fly with the OTF Programmer, defining your range and speed. Imagine ultimate control in real-time. Set the maximum speed, adjust the acceleration rate or control the level of regenerative braking to suit the terrain all while improving battery life up to 300%. The application of this programmer lends itself to most makes and models (E-Z-GO, Club Car, Star EV, etc). The OTF programmer has the ability to diagnose the most common golf car issues in real-time, as well. For more information, call 888-398-7078 or visit



The 2016 PGA Fall Expo is scheduled for August 15-17, 2016 at the Venetian Hotel and Casino during Fashion Week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 64th Annual 2017 PGA Merchandise Show is scheduled for January 24-27, 2017 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. The 2017 Golf Industry Show will be held February 8-9, 2017 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. On the international scene, the PGA Merchandise Show – China is scheduled for March 4-6, 2016 in Beijing.