JH Global Services, Inc. is in its 13th year of business showing strong year over year growth. Based in Greenville, South mCarolina, JH Global is a manufacturer, assembler and distributor of over 50 models of clean, green, all electric vehicles. All models are branded as STAR EV. These models cover several product segments including golf & recreation, street legal, people movers, off road, and light, medium and heavy duty commercial/industrial vehicles.

JH Golf Accessories is the second brand within the JH Global Services, Inc. JH Accessories offers a full-line of Golf Car Accessories for Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, STAR EV and others. This line includes a comprehensive line up of the latest styles of wheel assemblies, flip seats, brush guards, mirrors, seat belts, steering wheels, utility boxes, windshields, stereos and more. JH Global also owns the patent for the exclusive 2-in-1 combo seat kit line that turns a 2 passenger golf car to a 4 passenger in 3 seconds! Check out the STAR EV 2 in 1 combo commercial at www.starev.com.

JH Global has received several prestigious awards for rapid growth including Inc. Magazine, South Carolina’s fastest growing companies and Fastest growing 100 Business Winner from USPAACC (US Pan-Asian American Chamber of Commerce). In addition, Jane Zhang, the companies CEO, recently won an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award!

The company has a very interesting story for how it all got started. As Chinese first generation immigrants who came to the USA in their early 20’s, Jane Zhang and Jun Hu came to the U.S. with very little, speaking broken English. Over the past 25 plus years, they overcame many obstacles, including the achievement of the highest levels of educations including PhD, multiple masters, MBA, and increasing levels of responsibility including executive management in automation industry. Then, 13 years ago, they turned to the entrepreneurial side of the business and began JH Global Services growing it to the size it is today. Jane and Jun have truly led a legacy of achieving American Dream!

Now, the company has a great team of highly skilled professionals and dedicated employees. The company has great culture, invigorating working environment and positive value system. JH Global aims to be the industry niche market leader for providing variety, customized, value added products and services.

Cover Photo – STAR EV Diablo – One of STAR EV’s newer offerings is the Diablo lifted and non-lifted Magellan Golf/People mover vehicle. Both models offer the latest technology that provide the Diablo and Magellan with one of the best ride and performance packages in the industry. Both models have front independent suspension with 4 wheel disc brakes and a “no parking brake” electronic walk-away breaking feature. A high output AC motor and controller give the Diablo/Magellan performance ahead of the rest. In addition to performance, the Diablo/Magellan offers an aluminum chassis, roof support and flip seat…no rust and that new look will last for years to come.

For the demanding tastes of the residential end-user, STAR EV produces the SS limited and Limited Edition lines. These models have all the great upgraded features including high quality United Commercial Upholstery custom seats, glove box doors, special custom paint, 12” or 14” Dura Chrome or machined wheels, LED turn signal mirrors, carpet and more. In the case of the Limited Edition series, each car is badged with its own number and each Limited Edition series have only one production run per series. The SS Limited and Limited Edition lines add bling and excitement to any dealer’s showroom adding sales and higher margins.

In addition to the higher-end residential consumers, STAR EV offers entry level price point options through the 36 volt line. Starting at around $4,000, the 36 volt STAR Classic offers a 4 hp Advanced DC motor, 300 Amp Curtis controller and six 6-volt Trojan batteries offering more power than many company’s 48 volt models. It is also equipped with lights, turn signals, mirrors, horn, voltage reducer, and 10” aluminum wheels, which all come standard. This model is one of the best values in the market today.

STAR EV is also a leader in the NEV/LSV market offering over 30 models that can be sold as street legal. The company benefited greatly during the 2009 tax credit program as they were licensed to sell LSV’s in over 20 states.

Commercial/Industrial vehicles are a strong suit in the STAR EV line up. Offering light, medium and heavy duty commercial models, STAR EV is also a champion in the area of customization. With multiple engineers on staff and the latest CAD software, STAR EV can make any custom application to fit any need. STAR EV is also launching a new HD series which features brush guards, powder-coated aluminum boxes, aggressive black aluminum wheel/tire assemblies, fender flares and more for the toughest of commercial applications.

STAR EV has become a leading supplier to many vertical channels such as Universities, Airlines, Resorts and more due to their ability to customize vehicles for specific applications along with a track record of durability in the toughest environments.

In addition to the commercial lines, STAR EV offers a line of electric buses and trams ranging from 8 to 29 passengers. These larger people movers are rapidly gaining popularity at universities, gardens/parks, mega churches, resorts, and more. The electric bus segment is the best-kept secret as most people are not aware they exist. The electric bus segment will continue to grow rapidly as more businesses become aware of their availability.

STAR EV markets its brand through a dealer network that is over 200 strong (nearly 700 including golf car accessories customers), the U.S. Government via two GSA contracts and some National Account business for those customers spanning a large geography and providing their own service (Airline industry as an example). The company uses a mix of traditional golf car dealers augmented by equipment and material handling dealers for commercial/industrial lines in areas where needed. STAR EV’s International business continues to expand as additional resources have been added to get ahead of the growth curve. The company expects the International business to be one of their largest sales channels within the next 3-4 years.

To support parts and service after the sale, STAR EV stocks thousands of parts to support their dealer network. In addition, Nivel added a complete line of STAR EV Classic and Sport models to their latest catalog (pages 802-815). All owners’ manuals, parts books, parameters settings, wiring diagrams, etc. are available at STAR EV’s website in the dealer portal. The STAR EV technical and warranty support team is known for its strong technical understanding and fast response to service calls. They also offer dealer technical certification training classes which are said to be some of the best in the industry.

STAR EV offers a full line of tools to help make its’ dealer base a success. GE/Wells Fargo financing is offered to support dealer’s inventory floor plan. On the consumer side, Sheffield Finance works closely with STAR EV to bring compelling short-term loan rates. For example, STAR EV is offering HOT 1.9% consumer financing for 36 months.

STAR EV and JH Golf Accessories provide Brochures, banners, and in-store feature and benefit boards help to ensure their dealer’s teams are armed with the right information to sell the key F&B’s for these product lines. STAR EV also has an extensive dealer portal to help provide needed tools to all areas within the golf dealer operation including sales/product training, technical videos and more for its dealers to use for training purposes.

JH Global is poised to grow their STAR EV and JH Golf Accessories businesses for the long term. With a talented and growing employee base, significant points of difference in their product lines and top quality after sales support, there is no telling how large the company will grow.

A limited number of STAR EV dealership opportunities are still available in certain areas. If you want to become part of the STAR EV success story, please contact Joe Wallington, VP Sales and Marketing at joewallington@jhglobalinc.com or 864-553-7150. To become a JH Golf Car Accessories Dealer, contact Jamie Amrhein, Accessories and Parts Sales Manager at jamieamrhein@jhglobalinc.com or 864-553-7969.