Planning to head into the wilderness this summer? Are you going off-grid to unwind from the pressure of a busy working week? If so, you’ll want to ensure you can relax and enjoy necessities such as lights, music and personal electronics, which is where the CTEK 100A Off Road Power System comes in.

With overland adventures becoming ever more popular, CTEK – the leading innovator and provider of smart Battery Chargers and Maintainers – has created the 100A Off Road Power System – a bundle of high-tech chargers and monitors to simplify your electrical charging system and maximize the service potential of any dual battery system.

The bundle of CTEK charging components is designed to ensure that a vehicle’s batteries are kept in optimum condition when venturing off-road and off-grid, especially for extended periods. This way, you can keep the lights on after dark, maybe enjoy a movie, or sit back and listen to an undiscovered album without needing to worry if the vehicle will start in the morning.

The bundle includes a 20-amp CTEK D250S Dual charger and 80-amp Off Road SmartPass charger. This complete solution combines these powerful chargers with a system monitor that continually checks battery voltage and current. A digital display provides the current state of charge, together with the number of hours of power available at current usage rate to ensure users know how long it will take to charge or deplete the batteries. This way, you won’t be surprised by the lights suddenly going out, or risk being left stranded with a truck that won’t start. For more information, please visit