Evolution Electric Vehicles (www.ev-ev.com) is looking for dealers to help revolutionize the U.S. market after more than a decade of proving itself in a tested and proven factory in Asia-Pacific markets under the name of HDK Electric Vehicles. The new brand is truly the Evolution of a golf course vehicle to a uniquely positioned innovative vehicle designed for family fun and various utility vehicle applications.
Evolution’s plastic and metal components will continue to be manufactured by HDK Electric Vehicles in Xinyang, China providing the most attractive and reliable vehicles available today. Evolution vehicles are assembled in Chino California, and are powered by the best U.S. designed components in the market, including Curtis Instruments Speed Controllers, Lester Electrical onboard charging systems. Evolution vehicles have many factory options (many of which are standard) including digital speedometers, luxury seat kits, rear seat kits, aluminum wheels, street and off-road treaded tires, horn, turn signals, LED brake lights and headlights. LSV packages are also available that include DOT3 windshields with wipers and hydraulic disc brakes.
Evolution pioneered the hybrid electric/gas vehicles market and in 2011 designed a gas generator based system that will charge an electric vehicle while in use. This hybrid system is available for golf cars, utility vehicles, and even shuttle buses. The generator holds up to 2 gallons of fuel, and is activated by turning on through a conveniently located dash control. This generator can run while the vehicle is in use and extends the continuous range by 30 additional miles.
Evolution will continue to provide innovation and keep its dealers a step ahead of the competition with a wide range of choices:

  • At the 2016 PGA show, Evolution introduced the Revolution 4, an innovative multi-use car that seats four adults and is perfect for people located in extreme weather areas looking for a green, more traditional vehicle solution for local transportation. The Revolution 4 comes with doors, heat/air-conditioning, power windows and adjustable seats. It’s equipped with a 72V AC power system and has a 75 mile range with the heater or air-conditioner running.
  • Evolution’s entry level two passenger golf cars (Econ2) MSRP of $3500 and includes a two-year warranty. It features 4HP DC motor, AGM Batteries, 275A Curtis Controller, Lester on-board charger, plus all the standard Evolution features.
  • The Traveler series is our luxury car that includes a convenient storage trunk in the front hood and can also include the LSV package to truly separate it from any competition.
  • The six inch lifted Forester series, comes in three different body styles and is a favorite for families and outdoorsman who want the safety and security of an OEM designed car, but want the performance and looks of a rugged off road machine. These vehicles can be programmed to reach 25mph and are currently our hottest selling cars in the U.S.
  • The Turfman Series is a great choice for commercial use, construction, and hunting applications. It’s available in three different models and price points to serve all utility market types.

Our shuttle buses provide a green solution for universities, resorts, churches, casinos and tourist attractions. We also offer specialty vehicles like ambulance, beverage carts and security carts to fit this specific market segment.

Evolution has a product and solution for every type of dealer. Evolution can deliver base model cars directly to you from Chino California or for dealers who require custom features but lack the staff or expertise, can purchase their Evolution inventory through Evolution’s Customization partner – EPIC Carts, in Frisco Texas. EPIC Carts is known as one of the fastest growing car customization companies in the US, and has developed an online Cart Crafter (Design Center) and other Marketing Tools for Evolution products. Dealers can license these online tools from EPIC in order to extend their sales reach and provide their customers with a one of kind design experience. Dealers can also opt to utilize EPIC Cart’s Retail Design Center Sales model to lower overhead and provide a technology driven showroom experience.

There are a limited numbers of dealerships available. To become a part of the Evolution team:

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