Phoenix-based TOMCAR Holding Company, LLC (TOMCAR LLC), which produces high-end all-terrain vehicles for military, commercial and personal use, is celebrating its 25th year poised for radical growth. For the first time in the company’s history, TOMCAR LLC’s revolutionary electrical vehicle technology is now available for commercial use, making it the only advanced, high-performance 100% electrical all-terrain vehicle offered worldwide. TOMCAR LLC, one of the only car manufacturers in the state of Arizona, has its North American headquarters in Phoenix.

The company has already started accepting orders from a variety of industries, including major movie production companies, underground mining industries, eco-tourism operators, national parks, fire departments, and other fleets requiring all-terrain vehicles, zero emissions/noiseless vehicles, or off-road heavy load transport vehicles.

Los Angeles based ‘Cinemoves’, one of the leading camera movement companies in the world, has become an early adaptor of the TOMCAR LLC electrical vehicle movement.

“TOMCAR’s vehicles, both electric and gas-powered, have provided us with an unparalleled stable and durable platform to mount multi-million-dollar camera equipment, all while keeping our operators and the technology safe,” said Scott Howell, CEO of Cinemoves. “In addition to reducing noise, TOMCAR’s electrical vehicles allow us to continue shooting inside the soundstage, where a gas powered vehicle is forbidden, saving valuable time during costly productions.”

TOMCAR LLC’s electrical vehicle was initially developed for military use to create a “stealth” platform with zero thermal footprint.

“The possibilities are endless, and we’re thrilled to start offering our electrical vehicles to the public,” said Ram Zarchi, Founder and CEO of TOMCAR LLC. “All of our models are simple and extremely safe to drive even for inexperienced users, which is reinforced by our unprecedented record without a safety-related lawsuit.” For more information, visit