“Being in the Northwest we need a quality product that keeps our customers warm and dry,” says Peter Trudeau of Pacific Golf & Turf in Portland, OR. “The Encompass Enclosure is a home run, and our customers love it. The Enclosure is easy to install, built with quality and the customer service from Club Pro is first class.” The launch of the Encompass Cab System has been a great success for Club Pro Manufacturing, USA, a 27-year industry veteran known for its stylish and high-quality products. From its sexy curved doors to its well-secured mounting brackets, the Encompass Cab is a great addition to many showrooms and immediately adds visual value to the consumer.


Constructed of welded aluminum, the curved doors are both sturdy and aesthetically appeasing to the eye. With only a quick glance, the Encompass doors are easily distinguished from other cab systems. Wrapped in durable Top Gun fabric, the doors are secured closed with a magnet that allows quick access in and out of the golf car. Golfers love this feature on those marginal days. “I play golf 4-5 times a week”, says Larry Spinelli, a retiree from Ohio. “I previously had a different cab on my cart and it was a hassle having to unlatch the door every time I got in or out of it. With the Encompass, it’s a simple push or pull that makes it much more accommodating for a round of golf.” The curved door of the Encompass also gives larger or handicapped users more room for getting in or out of the golf car.

While there are many benefits for the golfer, the Encompass Cab is a huge hit with consumers that use their golf cars for things other than golf. The large window allows users to roll through a drive-through, hit the ATM or access a keypad as if they are in their own automobiles. Even more, when the windows are zipped down, the support bar running across is reinforced to serve as an armrest while traveling. What a great feeling rolling through the neighborhood, waving to your neighbors on a beautiful sunny day!


Dealers are also finding success with the Encompass Cab as the installation time is both predictable and fast. Some “door” enclosures require a lot of adjusting and can take up to 3 hours for installation. Experienced dealers are installing the Encompass Cab in 45 minutes, gaining valuable time back for other jobs and a better throughput of cars per week. Jim Poffenbaugh, a dealer in Kissimmee, FL states “It has literally changed my whole way of operating. I used to be able to install two enclosures in the course of a day but now I can do four times that! My customers aren’t waiting as long and I’ve got more time to do other jobs.” The mounting brackets secure to existing mounting areas and the modular design allows for an installation that requires very minimal adjustments.


“The Encompass has absolutely helped me sell some golf cars.”  says Jimmy Paul of JP Imports, a dealer out of Arkansas. “I deal mainly with used cars and it really dresses them up for resale. It’s the best ‘Bang for your Buck’ accessory because it takes a conventional golf car and turns it into a Personal Vehicle.” Priced above the lower-end priced models and below the higher-end priced models, the Encompass is a median-priced enclosure that gives dealers another option for their customers. The quality, performance and appearance of the Encompass clearly add value to the price the end user pays. Suggested retail is $1199 plus installation by an authorized dealer. Available in 20 different color choices, customers are certain to find the right color to match their golf car. For new cars or used cars, the Encompass Cab adds that special touch that helps dealers sell golf cars.


Club Car dealers have been extremely happy with the overall performance of the Encompass Carryall model.  Designed to work with the factory rooftop, dealers find the Encompass Carryall is a much more affordable product that is equally effective in achieving the customers’ needs.  The installation time takes less than an hour and the price makes it an easy sell.  Foursom Golf Cars in Woodburn, OR, was the very first dealer of the Encompass Cab System. They also played a key role in developing the Carryall model.  The first Carryall prototype was sent to the guys at Foursom who in turn provided valuable feedback to ensure a proper fit and install. Rob Sheirbon, president of Foursom Golf Cars, says ‘The Encompass Enclosure has been a game-changer for us. My techs love how easy it is to install. My sales team loves how easy it is to sell. And most importantly, our customers love the fit and finish.” Club Pro listens to their dealers and take all suggestions and recommendations to heart. Anytime an improvement can be made, they adjust and make the necessary changes to continually improve its products.


For many dealers located near golf car communities, the rear seat kit and 80-inch top are standard options for their customers. To accommodate this set up, Club Pro is currently designing an 80-inch version of the Encompass for all the major brands. The Club Car Precedent model is now available with the E-Z-GO RXV and Yamaha Drive models under development.  Each model is designed to work with the Custom Golf Supply rooftop and encloses the rear seat passengers. The Encompass 80” provides full protection and easy access for all riders.


“We have a skid in our factory devoted to products that come in for warranty issues. It pretty much sits empty all year”, says Steve Tyrer, president of Club Pro Manufacturing, USA. “The only time we want to see that product again is when the customer has it installed and sends us a proud picture of it.” With cutting-edge equipment and a production team whose average tenure is 15 years with the company, Club Pro produces the finest accessories available that rarely see that “warranty issue” skid. When that seldom issue does arise, Club Pro stands behind their products 100%. “We are very quick with any repair work and replacement parts are expedited out the same day,” says Bryan Casey, VP of Sales. “If we can’t fix it, we’ll send a new one. We’ll make it right regardless of the expense.”


Ready to give the Encompass a try? Put one in your showroom and see what dealers are talking about. Dealer opportunities are still available in certain areas. For more information on how you can become a dealer, please contact Bryan Casey at 1-800-467-2844 or info@clubpro.com. You may also visit the official website of the Encompass Cab System at www.golfcartsystems.com.