PowerFilm is excited to introduce the PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel. Each PowerDrive panel helps offset approximately 175 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This makes for a cleaner and more environmentally conscious golf course.

Golf cars equipped with a PowerDrive Solar Panel experience increased battery health due to trickle charging and last up to two years longer than batteries in cars without this solar solution.

PowerDrive panels are tough and stand up to the rigors of golf course life. Each PowerDrive Solar Panel features thin-film amorphous silicon solar material made in the United States (the same trusted power source of the United States military). Amorphous silicon solar technology is incredibly lightweight and durable unlike conventional solar panels which are heavy and difficult to install. The PowerDrive panel weighs less than five pounds and installs in minutes.

PowerDrive panels are sold in four variations to fit E-Z-GO RXV and TXT cars, Club Car Precedent models and a generic option to fit most other electric vehicles.

PowerDrive panels continue to perform even in indirect sun. Owners can leave their fleets outside to trickle charge and save on charging costs each and every day.

The PowerDrive Solar Panel keeps golfers on the course longer, saves owners money on charging costs and battery replacement significantly offset carbon emissions.

Want to learn more? Download a free copy of the PowerDrive Field Test Report and see the incredible impact that the PowerDrive Solar Panel can have on your golf cars.

About PowerFilm

PowerFilm has been developing and manufacturing its unique flexible solar module technology for over 28 years, making it one of the few, and maybe the oldest, surviving solar manufacturers in the United States. Powerfilm modules have been used for applications ranging from solar tents for the Army, and even powering electronics on a solar yacht to Venus.