The DoorWorks Team is proud to be the industry leader in Golf Car Enclosure solutions. We continue to improve our existing product lines while introducing new solutions every year. With 5 new Hinged Door models this year alone, DoorWorks now offers 38 different Hinged Door Enclosures which includes 2, 4, 6 and 8 passenger vehicles!

The design updates made last year simplified the framework and cut installation time by over 50% in most cases. In the 4, 6, and 8 passenger categories, these improvements allow dealers the flexibility to install standard DoorWorks Enclosures on cars with a wide array of aftermarket parts. These improvements have been very well received by the dealer network.

Zippered Windows

As a standard feature, all the Door Works Hinged Door designs will now come with zippered windows in the doors as well as a zippered window in the back panel. These changes will come at no additional cost to your dealer pricing.

In-Stock Products:

With last year’s factory/warehouse expansion, DoorWorks will continue to stock nearly every standard color Hinged Door Enclosure for the 2-Passenger line. Enclosures for larger passenger vehicles will continue to be made to order however the framing will all be stocked which will help minimize lead times.

The Future of DoorWorks

The comprehensive strategy of Door Works is to be the go-to strategic partner for all Golf Car Enclosure needs of our dealer network. That means being in “all four categories” of enclosures. With the experience, dedication and financial resources, we believe we can become the leader in each enclosure category.

  • Hinged Door
  • Track-Style
  • 3-Sided Fitted “Over-the-Top”
  • 4-Sided Portable “Over-the-Top”

Track-Style Enclosures:

Prior to the current enclosure season, the company has been successful in three of the four categories: Hinged Door, 3-Sided Fitted and 4-Sided Portable. This year DoorWorks has launched an impressive line of Track-Style enclosures which feature curved zippered doors for easier entry and exit from the car – one of the biggest complaints with traditional vertical zippered doors is the difficulty of getting in and out of the car through the tight opening. The products also feature a removable valance which enables the customer to change the look of the enclosure without buying all new components. There are two options for attaching to the front roof support, snaps and Velcro – no windshield removal required.

The current DoorWorks Track-Style line is focused on 2-Passenger Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha and Star EV golf cars. Coming soon will be a line of 4-Passenger Track-Style enclosures. In addition to the Sunbrella/Outdura SDA canvas offering, the line will also be offered in marine grade vinyl.

3-Sided Fitted “Over-the-Top” Enclosures:

DoorWorks introduced this line two years ago and the category is a growing success. The 3-Sided Fitted Enclosure comes in 18 different styles, made to fit each specific car model perfectly, for both golf and rear facing seat/utility (Straightback) applications. A large variety of standard color options are available in Marine Grade Vinyl and Sunbrella/Outdura SDA canvas.

Features include: Curved zippered doors, two options to attach to the front roof supports – snaps and Velcro, no removal of the front windshield required to install the cover, dual zippered U-Shaped window in back for easy access to the golf clubs and bag…..and the covers look great on the cars

4-Sided Portable “Over-the-Top” Enclosures:

DoorWorks has been in the 4-Sided Portable category for years. The company continues to make improvements to this line and believe they have the best product in the category. The cover features a removable front window and dual U-Shaped zippered windows in the back for easy golf club and bag access. The bungee hooks at the bottom are strong, easy to adjust, and hook securely under the rocker panel.

The DoorWorks 4-Sided Portable Enclosures comes in 4 Styles to accommodate entire fleets and single users: Club Car Precedent, EZGO TXT/RXV, Yamaha Drive and a Universal. Last year a 4-Passenger design was introduced for 80” roofs.

Front Corner Visibility

DoorWorks is very concerned about golf car driver safety. This is why we try to keep visual obstructions of the enclosure as minimal as possible. Several years ago a lady in The Villages was driving in an enclosure that had significant visual obstruction out the front corners of the enclosure. She turned directly into another on-coming golf car and the people involved were seriously injured. Our Hinged Door enclosures have side panels with clear windows as large as possible. Also the downward wedge angle of the design provides very good side-to-side peripheral visibility. The Track-Style and 3-Sided “Over-the-Top” have been designed to also have outstanding peripheral vision. Because the zippered doors attach directly to the roof supports there is no other fabric or zippered obstruction to the driver when the covers are in the down position. And the wedge angle also provides additional side-to-side visibility.

Dealer Support

We believe the key to our success is in supporting our dealers. The key areas we focus on are quality products, fast order shipments, new point of sale materials and outstanding customer service. We really want to partner with our dealers to have happy customers and also help you make more money!
If you are interested in becoming a DoorWorks dealer please call us at 314-426-0100. Or visit our website at