Yamaha Golf-Car Company has added yet another layer of innovation, function and affordability to its cutting-edge YamaTrack GPS Solution with the addition of a customized GPS screen that integrates a golf car to the course’s cloud-based fleet management control center.

The 8” bracket-mounted YamaTrack GPS screen now gives a course two options for managing its golf car fleet. YamaTrack’s base option has a control box built into the golf car frame that wirelessly interfaces with the control center at the course. While players use the YamaTrack app on their mobile devices, the golf shop can monitor pace-of-play, ensure proper fleet rotation and security, even set geofences to control cart traffic. The control box teams with the YamaTrack mobile device app to allow players to gain shot-to-hole yardages while also offering two-way communication with the golf shop. The YamaTrack GPS screen provides golfers with in-car yardage measurement, hole flyovers, pro tips, two-way messaging with the pro shop and many other features.

The screen can be mounted to any Yamaha golf car, and equipping temporary tournament fleet cars with the same GPS system as the main fleet is quick and easy.

Fleet Management and Car Control

With the YamaTrack fleet management system the golf staff can now track the location of every golf car on the course, track pace of play, dispatch a marshal to where play might lag, automatically slow down a golf car approaching steep or winding terrain and when necessary even shut down a car (DC electric golf cars only). The course superintendent can similarly track the location of all utility vehicles and maintenance equipment through their cloud-based system on any internet-connected device.

YamaTrack can even create on-course geofences to establish a virtual perimeter around sensitive environmental areas, rain-soaked turf, green surrounds and the like. With the fleet back in storage, YamaTrack diagnostics can assess and maximize golf car rotation, battery life and amp hour usage. The system’s Shutdown and Lockdown features convey an added measure of security, both day and night.

Player Connectivity

Golfers connect with the course through either the course-branded YamaTrack mobile app (available for both Android and iPhone) or through the YamaTrack GPS Screen. This feature allows the golf shop staff and a golfer to interact through both the on-car GPS screen and a mobile device app. In both cases, the golfer benefits by having access to vivid course diagrams, precise golf course yardages and food & beverage ordering from the course.

For the golf shop, the player connectivity features are custom branded to the course and are designed to generate incremental revenue through faster food orders at the turn, as well as receive player feedback after the round if the player chooses to “rate the course”.

Since its launch at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, the free YamaTrack Player App has been downloaded to 14,545 mobile devices and used during 75,800 rounds played. Additionally, the app has been activated at 1,257 golf courses across the U.S.

Back-Office Utilities

YamaTrack offers integrated software programs that support a variety of golf course operations, including tee-time reservations, food & beverage management, inventory control and customer profile information.

YamaTrack’s internet-based facility management software, course information, yardages and graphics were developed in conjunction with iGolf, a leading provider of technology content and services for the location-based industry.

For more information on YamaTrack contact Yamaha Golf-Car Company at 770-254-4154 or visit online at www.yamatrack.com.