Michelin Tweel Technologies has introduced its newest product, the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® TURF airless radial tire for golf cars. The first-of-its-kind airless radial golf car tire-wheel assembly replaces the standard 18X8.5N10 front and rear tire and wheel for golf cars.

This new four-bolt pattern version of the MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF is designed for gas or electric powered golf car users. It provides an ideal solution for owners who want to customize their car while expecting the tires to be dependable and worry-free.

“This new product lets our customers enjoy their golf car and have fun without the worry of a flat tire whether they are riding in their community or on the golf course,” said Jack Olney, director of sales for Michelin Tweel Technologies. “And our direct, online ordering capability means factory-to-customer delivery makes this new technology even easier to obtain and bolt on for a customized car.”

Because the X TWEEL TURF has no air, it cannot go flat and it eliminates the need to maintain air pressure. The TWEEL airless radial tire is constructed with high-strength poly-resin spokes that carry the load and create suspension-like characteristics for the golf car. This structure absorbs impact and reduces bounce for improved operator comfort. It boasts a durable, multi-directional tread that provides long wear life and excellent traction.  The X TWEEL TURF has a maximum speed of 25 mph and a maximum load of 705 pounds.

X TWEEL TURF airless radial tires can be ordered on-line by visiting michelintweel.com and clicking on “Buy Now.” This MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF joins its caster and zero-turn mower siblings in the expanding TWEEL® TURF line. Michelin Tweel Technologies also offers the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL — available in two sizes for skid steer machines. To learn more about MICHELIN X TWEEL Airless Radial Tires, visit www.michelintweel.com.