If you have to ask the question then you haven’t been exposed to the “lithium experience”. I am an old lead guy since the dawn of time, but then one day the boss dropped a 60amp hour 48V lithium pack into a stock Club Car and took me for a ride. After that day, I have never looked back. The speed and agility of losing 500 pounds of lead are like adding a turbo to a diesel engine.

So this article isn’t going to try to change your views, just make you aware there is an alternative that will make Lead obsolete. All a person needs is a test drive and you’ll be ready to convert to a Lithium system!

The obvious comparison: 48 volt 60amp hour pack:

So that’s the obvious stuff, but what about the not so obvious? What about the leaking lead acid on my spotless garage? Recharging lead batteries gives off that nasty eggy smell with explosive hydrogen gas and it takes forever to top off lead yet doesn’t seem to hold a charge as long.

Then there is Lithium. NO LEAKS! No egg smell or explosive gas, recharge is quick with Lithium’s more energy efficient transfer. By losing all the dead lead weight, I can run for 30+ miles, take-offs are zippy and I get more speed as the battery voltage does NOT sag. The lead voltage drops at mid pack (45-47volt) but Lithium holds 51-52 Volts for the entire ride.

So how do we put Lithium into a golf car designed for lead acid? Easy, just choose a non-flammable Lithium Iron phosphate battery pack, mounting hardware, wire harness, battery management, motor controller with LiFePO4 profile, blah, blah, blah,….

Ok … not so easy.

In 2011 Alltrax developed the XCT controllers to be Lithium compatible, but quickly found there wasn’t really a complete system providing traction drive and battery management that made sense (or wouldn’t inflict battery damage). Yes there are a few conversion kits out there, but still a costly endeavor for the elite with lots of plastic credit. (Something I don’t have…)

A cost effective solution was needed. The XCT Motor controller and its newly developed BMS communicate together for “Advanced Behavior” when both recharging AND when driving. Alltrax worked closely with Lithium vendors for a drop in package resulting into “tear out the lead – drop in the Lithium”.
However, designing a system for the general DIY population requires an engineered solution and thousands of hours of testing. Remove 500 pounds of lead replaced by 100 pounds of Lithium into a lifted cart with locking axle; add a monster 14HP Red Hawk MOT-A4 motor driven by the Alltrax XCT-48500amp controller and the “Advanced Behavior Alltrax BMS system”, then hit the Oregon Sand Dunes.

With 6 years of LiFePO4 systems experience and over 500 Lithium based fleet Golf Cars across the USA, now it’s time for Alltrax to bring it to the masses. So dump the lead sled and move into the 21st century! Once you convert your car – you won’t look back (except when you blast past the neighbors “dead lead sled” along the road).

• Remove the lead pack & cables
• Remove stock controller, install Alltrax XCT controller.
• Drop in the Alltrax BMS Power-Panel & connect to the batteries
• Connect BMS cable to the XCT
• Connect charge port to the BMS
• Move “Key Switch” and DC converter to the BMS-AUX output
• Connect the Alltrax LED fuel gauge to the BMS
• Drive!

All Alltrax XCT controllers are Alltrax Lithium System compatible!

If you already own the XCT, you can upgrade to Alltrax Lithium battery BMS System, connect the communications cable and set the XCT software and then… go anywhere!

So what makes Alltrax controllers unique?

In 2013, Alltrax redesigned the DCX and AXE into the XCT (Regen) and SR (Series and Perm Mag) motor controllers. Based on a 32 bit microprocessor platform, new advanced MOSFET’s mounted to pure copper heatsinks, all encased into high tech thermal plastics housing provides massive power – yet in a small form factor motor controller. Both are FN control box compatible.
The most unique thing about the XCT is the new Dynamic field mapping using the speed sensor input to Boost field current providing insane low end grunt torque (below 1000 RPM), but when things are rolling along (>2500RPM), weaken the field for awesome increased speed. The SR uses brute force to be a “kick in the pants controller”.

Web site, Training, Tech Support:

A new ALLTRAX updated interactive website (out soon) is focused on the DIY customers & includes video tutorials for installations. Our highly trained, friendly and knowledgeable technical support team has Skype for real time “Alltrax Classroom” for trouble shooting and programming.

What’s on the horizon?

Alltrax is working on a XCT 72 Volt regen controller! Look for XCT-72500 coming in July!

So who is Alltrax?

Alltrax located in Southern Oregon is making products in the USA using state of the art equipment including four circuit board machines, 2 manufacturing facilities, and a new main office.

We give our sincerest thanks to all who made Alltrax what it is today and we look forward to providing cutting edge products for years to come.