Cart Mart, Inc. recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Club Car, LLC an Ingersoll Rand Company, to expand Cart Mart’s dealership operations with a contract to distribute Club Car and Carryall branded gas and electric powered commercial and transportation vehicles into Los Angeles County. The Company, already with three locations in Southern California, will focus on the area specifically referred to as North Los Angeles County.

Considered the #1 market in the world for small gas and commercial, electric powered transportation, utility and street legal Low Speed Vehicles, this new contract fills a gap in coverage formally maintained by Club Car as a direct market territory. This change in representation further expands Cart Mart’s coverage to include Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside County.

In March 2016, Cart Mart completed a massive expansion into Riverside Co. with the opening of the Company’s third location in Rancho Mirage. Also considered one of the largest markets for private (consumer) golf cars and resort vehicles in the nation, Cart Mart’s success in the desert provided much of the momentum needed to fuel its growth into the Los Angeles market. Cart Mart’s Rancho Mirage facility has since assembled a world class team, operating from a 29,000 s/f facility that houses the largest retail golf car showroom in the Country at 15,000 s/f of showroom floor. With this new expansion, Cart Mart continues to leverage its experience of nearly 60 years in business by embracing technology and mirroring automotive industry best practices to improve its sales and service operations. The Company will continue to invest in adding people and improving its technology to support its growth and will leverage its leadership team and proprietary systems to offer world class service to thousands of commercial and consumer customers in the LA area. This expansion accelerates Cart Marts push for centralization of its service, parts, finance and HR departments under one roof and will serve as a platform for future growth.

Cart Mart’s past performance for growth, profitability, its management and proven sales and operations plans have demonstrated to Club Car that Cart Mart can support major markets and was vital to Club Car in its decision to award the contract. It was critical that both companies share a similar vision and appetite for growth and self improvement.

Brian Rott, President and CEO, said, “We are honored to be designated for this incredible opportunity to support the Los Angeles market, and I am pleased to have the full confidence and support of Club Car through this expansion. My staff and I are excited to expand our partnership with Club Car in supporting the worlds #1 brand in golf & utility vehicles. We are fully operational and ready to support the market needs today. This is an outstanding partnership because both Cart Mart and Club Car have an aligned vision for the future of small vehicles, and Club Car already offers some of the most comprehensive, task oriented vehicles available in the marketplace today. They are literally changing the way consumers and businesses deal with materials management and short distance, urban transportation. Los Angeles is a very important and influential market for small vehicles and we take immense pride in supporting it.”

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