Industries are advancing at an unprecedented rate since the advent of the internet of things. Gone are the days when “moms and pops” can hang an open sign on the store window and be in business. Not only do successful businesses require an internet presence, but they also require updated technologies to thrive and grow. The golf car business is booming. And, with that industry growth, niche businesses have entered the market with golf car industry specific digital products designed to assist with processes. We have combed through many of the available golf car dealer solutions and compiled this list of the ones that we feel are reasonably priced and deliver the most bang for the buck

1. Commander
Offering business solutions for golf car, marine, and powersports industries, Commander is a product of MIC Systems, founded in 1979. Their goal is to help streamline business processes in the parts, service sales and accounting departments from one dashboard. The software tracks inventory, loads price books, and integrates with QuickBooks. The price for the product is based on a number of factors. Commander users pay a one-time licensing fee and a monthly fee.

2. AlphaRental
Developed by Genisys 2, AlphaRental is the easy way to track golf car inventory. Perfect for golf car businesses who rent out inventory, the software generates rental contracts, tracks reservations, and issues automatic quotes. The platform is customizable to accommodate the needs of a single location as well as a multi-location business.

3. WaterMark Designs
Build Your Golf Cart is a product offered by WaterMark Designs for $149/month. The software develops a “customization” feature for Club Car Precedent, EZGO RXV, and Yamaha DRIVE golf cars. Dealers select the options they would like offered, like body color, hunting package, steering wheels, etc. When a customer clicks on the customizing link (located on the dealer website) it will direct to a landing page that will allow a customer to select items to build out their ideal cart. The philosophy is that when customers can visualize the end result, they are compelled to spend more.

4. Visage
If your golf car business manages fleets, Visage, a Club Car product, offers fleet management systems that can really pay off. Added to fleet golf cars, Visage merchandises, presents add-ons, like food products for golf car renters, displays leaderboards for tournaments, delivers maintenance alerts, and provides many other features. Adding Visage to golf car fleets helps owners to get creative with revenue generating.

5. E-Commerce
If your dealership is not providing an online store for customers to purchase parts and accessories, you are missing a huge opportunity. Whether the online store is an add-on to your existing website, or a separate website altogether, adding e-commerce to your dealership is a smart way to expand your reach…and your revenue. Shopify and BigCommerce are two popular choices for golf car online stores. If your website is developed on a WordPress platform, there are several ecommerce plug-ins that can support your online store.

Hiring is a challenge for business owners in many industries, but the golf car industry poses unique challenges. actively recruits listings within the golf car industry from fleet technicians to golf car techs. With a unique pricing model, employers can create hiring campaigns that do not involve any upfront costs. Hiring qualified talent does not have to be limited to word of mouth or Craigslist ads. can do some of the hiring heavy lifting. Integrating tech can be scary for old fashioned business owners. Upgrading processes to include innovative software and tech tools can help to scale your business and insure its success well into the future.

Julie Wilson, Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf cart parts, when she founded her business in 2008. Julie’s eCommerce store, remains a popular online shopping experience for innovative golf car parts and accessories.