Engaging with customers is the key to success, which is why Nivel hosted its first Dealer Roundtable at its Jacksonville, FL headquarters this past October. The new Nivel showroom was the setting for the intimate gathering of golf car dealers to discuss a range of topics that are important in the industry. The dealers were treated to a fun evening at Topgolf on Monday, October 2, and then Tuesday, October 3, attended the all-day roundtable. Benjamin Knox, vice president of Specialty Vehicles B2B, welcomed the dealers and set the tone for the informative session. Regional territory manager – Gulf States, Mark Mildenberger, hosted the event and led the dealers through a conversation on the benefits of CRM software, a discussion on Nivel pricing, inventory, and shipping, and listened as dealers gave their valuable feedback and opinions. A question and answer session was held with the president and CEO of Nivel, David Coolidge. Representatives from purchasing, new products, sales and tech were on hand to discuss their departments’ roles in partnering with dealers. Scott Howat, vice president of SV marketing, spoke to the group about Nivel’s web presence, the catalog and other marketing materials. The roundtable delivered an array of valuable insights and perspectives on the issues the golf car industry faces. The dealers were able to proactively engage in discussions with Nivel leadership, network with the others in attendance and gain beneficial information to help their businesses thrive. Following the success of this roundtable, Nivel plans to hold similar events around the country to involve its dealers and let them know their voice matters.