Finding a custom golf car that is not the same old thing may not always be so easy, even in the Villages.

Villages Golf Cart Man is the newest member of The Fruitland Park community and we all know it’s very hard sometimes or near impossible to find a good deal on a fully customized golf car just the way you want it especially in the newest area of the Villages. When you finally find a customized car it may not be up to standard or just the same old thing you see every day.

This is why is such a welcomed addition to the community.

The owner Tony Colangelo says “We offer something different. The cars we offer are replica cars. These cars are models of the old classic oldies and newer type automobiles that we all remember just like the ones you owned or to match the one you still own, the only difference is they are made to a smaller scale for golf cars and street legal LSV’s.”

He can make just about anything your heart desires. Not to mention being the only Licensed Automobile Dealer able to make LSV street legal conversions, for electric or gas cars. Tony was very enthusiastic about being in this business and offers many other services like repairs, parts and accessories.

It’s not every day you get to meet a businessman with so much enthusiasm and animation in the way he explains his product and his family’s involvement with their business. I was very impressed with all of the different replica car models he had to show me and if you like being the center of attention or just really enjoy cool golf cars then I strongly suggest you find some time visit The Golf Cart Man and his collection of out of this world golf cars. I couldn’t help but feeling like a celebrity while driving one of these cars with so many people waiving and pointing.

With Mr. Colangelo’s candid approach and his ability to get things done the way you may actually want it, makes him a unique find. With so much interest in the crazy golf cars he even has a reality show in the making. The intro to the show called “Cart Tuning” will eventually be a household name if you’re into reality type shows. For more information, visit

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