The Brightest Star

In 2015, STAR Electric Vehicles set out to transform the standard golf car ride into an exceptional driving experience. The project, initially called Project Tiger, began life with the goal of designing a vehicle from the ground up with attention to innovation, styling, and uniqueness. Sirius® comes equipped with features and comforts you’ve come to expect in your car but not necessarily your golf car. Interior dashboard lighting, adjustable seat backs, electric opening trunk, locking glove boxes, and self-cancelling turn signals with side mirror indicators are standard on all Sirius cars. For many golf cars these are costly upgrades and add-ons, or simply not available.

The Sirius boasts the latest features such as integrated automotive-grade LEDs, seat belts, ergonomic steering wheel, and turn signals. With the longest range of any personal transportation vehicle, Sirius owners will spend more time enjoying the ride and less time concerned with available power to get there. Traditional halogen lights consume up to five times as much energy as LEDs, so the energy saved gives your battery more power to go further. A full-color digital display provides important performance information at a glance, and is back-up camera ready.

A new level of luxury styling is sweeping the golf car market. Sirius, named for the brightest star in the night sky, leads this trend. An experienced automotive designer worked with the STAR EV Engineering and manufacturing teams from the earliest concept drawings to the final tooling , blending style and comfort for a superior synthesis.

It’s no secret that golf cars aren’t just for golf anymore. While manufacturers of fleet golf cars have a volume demand that strips vehicles down to the “basics,” STAR EV caters to a growing market of personal transportation vehicle owners. With nearly all STAR EVs already street legal compatible, the Sirius is no different. An electric opening trunk with ample storage space makes the Sirius a companion for shopping trips and downtown jaunts while keeping personal items locked up and secure. Plus, the insulated trunk doubles as a cooler. Conveniences like a USB port and digital display bring the new standards of automobiles to the golf car platform. But the Sirius is golf course-worthy too; the 2-passenger edition boasts the most spacious bagwell in the industry. Or, equipped with JH Global Accessories’ exclusive 2-in-l Combo Seat, it can be both a 4-passengertransport car and 2- passenger with club storage with the flip of a seat.

The Sirius was designed and equipped with quality components throughout. The racing-inspired chassis and suspension can be tuned to a drivers’ personal preference.

Alongside Sirius, STAR EV is launching several dealer support programs. A select group of top-performing STAR EV Authorized dealers will have the opportunity to participate in a Sirius demo ride program. Golf car shoppers will have the opportunity to demo ride a premier Sirius coupled with incentives for dealers. With the demo program, STAR EV aims to help dealers with local exposure through customer involvement. STAR EV’s annual Authorized Dealer Meeting will include an in-depth segment on Sirius product training for dealers with hands-on experience with the cars.

The Sirius will be available in four radiant colors for its debut, with a full selection of eight colors available in late 2018. 2 passenger and 4 passenger (2 facing forward, and 2 facing backward) models can both be upgraded to LSV models. Like all STAR EVs, the list of upgrades includes exclusive rims, tires, console upgrades, combo seats, custom paint , and more.



From the beginning , innovation has been a key goal for STAR EV and over the years has manifest in several areas of the company. The Sirius is the latest installment in a series of unique additions to the brand that haven’t been seen from market leaders. In 2010, a variety of electric buses was added to the portfolio to provide clean and quiet transportation for as many as 28 passengers. Then in 2012, a customizable line-up of task-oriented vehicles, the K-Series (and later remodeled as the AK-Series), brought a workhorse electric hauler to the commercial market. The STAR EV Classic serves as a platform for many commercial add-ons as well , and operate in resorts , parks, airports , and zoos.

Through a network of nearly 250 authorized dealers, STAR EVs are available across the United States and the globe. STAR EV’s reach has grown to the international market in recent years with the addition of many international dealers and staff specifically trained for international sales, management, and logistics. STAR EV’s partners range from are traditional golf car dealers to material handling and equipment dealers.

For more information about the Sirius, STAR EV, or JH Global Accessories, go to or call toll-free (888) 878-9988.

See the Sirius in person:
2018 PGA Merchandise Show
Wednesday , January 24 – Friday, January 26
Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
STAR EV Exhibit: Booth 2357